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Hey everyone!

I wanted to make a running post here to keep everyone up to date on the Fif Land Store location and deals.

Fif Land: Our main store is on Sochaltin I cords: 1,633N 1,358E (Alt: 104). It has the largest selection and is the first priority for restock. Currently two stories, the first floor has gathered plants and rocks, Tools (currently stone to titanium), Weapons, Machines, animal drops, gathered materials, and player/shop portals for sale. Second floor has atlas’s, building blocks, Crafted materials, Food, and Brew. Portals to Ultama Mall (2nd floor), [PS] Lamblis, and Chisel town.

Fif Land Beckon: Our original location. Located just outside the aqutopia embassy. We maintain a selection of early to mid teir tools. An assortment of weapons, some monster loot, and some portal related items. Portal to the Aqutopia Embassy Shops hub.

Fif Land Gyosha Ophin: Located in the Gyosha Ophin Mall (Northern area). Currently stocked with non gem tools, warp/revive augements, and some odds and ends. I will be expanding what is stocked here so let me know if something is hard to find in the mall and I will be sure to stock that. Portal to our Beckon location in the back.

These locations no longer exists sorry for any inconvenience [spoiler]Fif Land Alcyon: Our first store on a higher teir planet. Located in Ruby Canyon. We have a seclection of Building materials, Food, Brew, Tools, and Weapons (and bombs).

Fif Land Storis II: Our newest location. Located in The Super Rad City of Awesomeness (Twitch streamer: Jankey AF’s city). This location includes gathered items, animal drops, some mining drops, building mats, Tools, and weapons. Portals to Alpha Portal Station shop district, and Super Rad Underground.[/spoiler]

I do my best to restock every Monday and Friday morning (sometimes these slip, and due to fluctuating time played not everything gets as stocked as I’d like).

Maintaining my stores is what I enjoy, so don’t worry we aren’t going to vanish overnight. I try to keep my prices in the bottom 20% of other shops out there (several items you will have a hard time finding priced lower as well :slight_smile:).

I will be updating this thread with updates to offered stock, locations, restock days, spotlight items, limited time sales, and any other announcements/news related to the Fif Land Chain.


pretty cool what kinda prices on atlas and do ya got many planets? :smiley:


Sorry for my slow response. I charge 100c per teir of planet. Teir 1 is 100c teir 5 is 500c etc. I haven’t had near the time that I’d like so It’s been awhile since I’ve added new maps. I have two teir 1 (beckon and storis II), a teir 4 (circa i can’t remember how to spell the whole name lol), and two teir 5s (besavrona, and serpansendi). I have at least 5 half maps that I need to finish exploring so I can add them. Maybe that can be a goal i set for my playtime in the next few weeks.


Update! We now have a selection of forged gear in front of the sculpture on the first floor! Both our selection of machines and atlas’s have been moved to the new third floor (currently the only things on the third floor actually).

We have max autoloot flashlights, some dmg enhanced silver axes, aoe shovels and hammers (all 3x3), standard healing bombs (gold), and the max healing bombs (silver, also replinishing energy and removing dbuffs). And more!


Fif Land Friday Restock! Our first floor is finally completely labeled via signs! We now have reduced prices on our tools, and a few resources have also been reduced in price. Baskets are refilled, our ore prices are a little lower since our tools are cheaper now too.


I went, I saw, I brought some stuff.
Lovely shop on a lovely planet.


Thanks :smile:


More atlas’s added now every week. I am hoping to have them all by the end of Feb. Also you might notice some large portals showing up in our stores. This will be connecting the three remaining store locations! (Alcyon location was closed since the mall area it was built in was abandoned. I will be keeping an eye out for a new high lvl planet location to build a new store at).


New Location in Gyosha Mall. It has a connection to my Beckon location in the back of the stall.