Fighting is too easy if you are determined

I just want to share a story.

I got handed my behind to me way too many times on T5 soloing meteorites, I actually completed only one, and that’s because some other fellow Oort joined in and took most of aggro for himself. I have no resistance, and 5/5 kinetic armour, and only 3/5 impulse armour and dmg and not defence epic. Also I am fighting with golden fists, because I have no slingbow mastery… 4/8 vitality… well I’m a miner and i put points in other skills only what’s left from the pool after making myself very comfortable with mining.

So I think to myself, I make me brews, the insta healing ones. And a shielding pies… So i did them on crafting alts. And since I mass craft it took a while to gather all materials. So when they were ready, i got bunch of pies, and brews. Went to Alnitans, and started searching for a meteor. And I did find a lvl 2 meteor. It fell down nearby, just down the hillside. So put brews in a convenient place so I can drink them easily in heat of the battle. Then ate my pie, and rushed in. The fight was fierce, I had to even drink a brew once. I was moving all the time, hiding behind the trees to peek, send my golden fists into those ugly eyes of cuttletrunks, and hide again, running from hoppers, circling wildstock, and spitters, I destroyed more terrain with those fists than I though would be possible. And I actually won. I did it, finally!

After the battle I wanted to check what was my armours and protections, and… they were the same as without pie. And the icon of shield food look the same as well fed one, strange. So I checked again my food stock. I took 5 pies, and only 4 are left. I must have eaten one. I even wanted to fill bug report, and then…

it finally clicked, I ate RAW shielding pie :joy:

Really, determination seems to be more way important in boundless than those armour and resistances :wink:

Moral of the story? ALWAYS check if the food is cooked, if you eat it raw, your tummy might hurt.


You could say, you went in raw.



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Oh jeez lol

I don’t think it’s too easy, but it’s true you can use many different strategy. Wich is great!
You can avoid to spend defense skill points and protect you with brew/food instead. :pie::muscle:

I use completely different approach with glass canon crit build (no defense at all)
My battles must be short with intense kiting. I can’t afford to be overwhelmed.

Personally, I rely on mobility (love me some agility) and reflexes. This allows me to take on creatures I probably shouldn’t be able to… until I get to Strong and Elite enemies. Then I get taken down hard, often as not.

As Piccolo would say; “Dodge!”


Sad thing is, on higher planets you need max defense skills AND food to survive :frowning: Even with max defenses there are sometimes strong foes that spawn that can one shot you, even on lower planets (I have seen Cuttletrunks hit my max defense character for hundreds of damage a pop). Dodging would make plenty of sense, but when you have three Cuttletrunks instantly aggroed on you from meteor portals, there is not much you can do but run. I would not agree that the game’s fighting is easy, but I would not say it is difficult either. It is easy unless cheap spawns happens.

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