Filler Blocks

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Builders- how many times have you avoided diagonal patterns due to the hard edges left by two different blocks or colors coming into contact? If you’re aware of how these blocks are designed and files are managed, you know it would be impossible to make combinations to fill one block with half of each style as that would increase the game’s data exponentially.

I propose a new block style in all 255 colors that would take the place of a liquid, but with only one state. Whether it’s designed as a grout/mortar, an extra-opaque glass, or simply adapted from a current block like sedimentary rock, it won’t be the basis of the design but will allow us to make a more natural diagonal pattern.

Take examples from roads, floors, and developed ground in general. You see a lot of lava and water filling gaps so there isn’t a hole between two chiseled blocks. It’s also common to see water filling a vertically beveled corner that has a light source underneath. This example could benefit from a glass filler block.

I’m thinking these blocks should come to about the height of a liquid block, just below the edge of the adjacent block, for some nice depth and texture. And while I might make better use of a rock or concrete style, I think a glass one would be more popular and useful so that might be the way to go with this…



liquids can only have 1 texture or color. We only have space for like 3 more liquids in game.


i kinda just want a block that allows players to pass through but not liquids.

I’m aware of that. I don’t know exactly how the file looks but I do know each liquid type has a whole array of states. I remember that post being a response to colored liquids, which would be asking for 255 colors of each state of each liquid.

One static colored block might fit.

Im sorry but im drawing a blank atm. Not really sure what you mean.

Seriously don’t know ( not being a jerk ).

Could you maybe give me an example. As i change designs and what not in my build (s) and tent to end up in the “same” style if you will (because of taste or filled in space).

Maybe my brain is a bit mushy today :wink:.

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Lol I’ll fire up the game on my work computer once I’m alone and take a pic. I build diagonally a LOT and usually just live with the unfortunate zig zag.

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Thanks :wink: it can wait, don’t get yourself in to trouble :grin:. Its currently 23pm where i am so its almost time to dive in to my bed anyway :grin:.

In these two bridge examples, I would add the darker blocks between each zig zag and copper chisel the sides, then use a filler block that would match the lighter outside ones.

This is how water is commonly used as a filler.



I see thx now i know what its about. :wink:
In this case adding a filling. Kind of like “line art” within the same block layer as the 4 available liquids can do at this moment in chiseled blocks without it being a liquid.

More available color combinations for a “new” kind of block that can also occupy a “transparent” (chiseled) block.

Would like to see something like this. As it would make things easier.

That said in the mean time it is possible to achieve what you want (not exactly but almost) by making a Diagonaal “road“ a two layer road.

  1. Bij bevel and slop chiseling. Problem with that is the second layer witch will create a “bump” on the whole road.
    (Top layer completely beveled “road / path”
    Lower layer in this case the light color, leave as is).


  1. As i see you use bevel (fence/railing) a two layer combination with square and bevel. Systematic chiseling squares away as you go towards the “railing” so the other color of the lower layer peeks trough more and more. Leaving the diagonal road in the middle full of the top layer color.

Just a suggestion :wink: but if something like this could be added that would be cool. And I would be al for it as it would mean less layers are needed to achieve something.
Most walls and roads are dubbel (if not more) layered when i build them.

[edit] sadly i have no real example roads to show (all gone) but you can kind of get the idea if you climb up the clock tower of the TNT Lamblis hub :wink: amber

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