Finally a statement on botting in Boundless!

Botting a game you play is pathetic and lame…

Devs! No slapping their wrists! Wipe their money and reset their characters to Zero, You almost certainly KNOW who they are… TOTALLY unfair that people can Bot and get away with it!


If I used a bot, I’d feel like a failure… jus sayin.


I hate bots. They don’t wave back : (


People Keep saying using clickers, macros, programmable devices is not botting
People Keep saying using clickers, macros, programmable devices is botting.
People Keep saying PC Masterrace, buy one.
People Keep saying PS4 is at a disadvantage.

Some of the People in this thread are hidden in those sentences.
What to do?
I was a bot hunter back in my days of FFXIV and man they had bots.
Here, the last time i accused someone of botting i got told macros are ok as Long as the Person is infront of the device.

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Ok so I’m ps4 so this doesn’t really apply to me anyway.

Sometimes I watch tv or surf the web while regen farming using one hand (or without looking at the screen).

Not botting, but I assume that’s ok, right?

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I am of course against botting + macros beyond disability. However:

Where do we stand on leaning a hairbrush on your mouse whilst I go make a coffee? <- genuine question


The values will change over time based on the evolution of the economy

Why was this feature never implemented? Or did I simply misinterpret it, if the value of refined gleam/gleam doors declined over time then would this scripting/botting even be a thing still?

I knew gleam farming was a thing, but I had no idea the extent of it until today… and it made me think, is this the reason there is such a shortage/rarity of items in the game now?

Farmers are eating teaching pies, drinking speed brew and using forged hammers, then they are minting the gleam… printing money.

They are essentially minting sweet beans, hopper eyes, hopper cores, adrenal glands, etc. But can they really be blamed? It’s easier to make coin this way than it is to go out and gather sweet beans or to go hunting.

The effect is tripled, more resources are being burned, less resources are being gathered and more coin is being generated. This I feel is the true reason for the increase in prices and the rarity of certain items that are difficult to collect.

Players are welcome to Boundless however they please, and at the end of the day I’m sure a lot of the money goes through my shop, so why should I complain? But how does anyone ever hope to break into the market and start a forge store or a pie/brew store if they simply cannot get hold of the materials required to run such a shop?

But maybe this is as intended, the minter was supposed to create item demand for every item in game. However these twfew sentences… make me think otherwise.

The Chrysominter will not compete with the main player economy.

If you want to make serious coin - then best to find a request basket, setup a shop, or barter a direct trade

The machine will act as a last resort market maker. It will always buy your items.

This has become first resort for many, this is where newer players are making their first serious coin, not in request baskets or in a shop. It is directly competing with the market, it has be come the market.

I would be interested to know… is Serpensarindi the most player active planet in the game?


Besevrona has seen 30+ People on days in the past week.
For hunts mostly. Most normal days are 6+, depending on time Zone.

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OK and how many on Serp? I haven’t really even thought about it in the past, but i’m sure there are always around 4-5 people whenever I pass through at any time of the day, I always assumed they were diamond miners… There are regular hunts on Serp also I think?

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Usually way fewer on serp than on Tana. I go back and forth a lot. Maybe 10-15 on Tana 3-6 on serp

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OK, that answers my question… it was just a passing thought, it wasn’t really the most important part of my post though.

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Technically the way it is worded, it states is not allowed if used to avoid playing the game. It is not stated that it cannot be used if you are still there physically controlling it to simply make clicking easier. Which most are doing. Very few run it while afk.


I don’t use any macros but what if a person uses them to :prevent: disability? (Here’s looking at you, crafting table queues…)

I forgot how to italicize : /


Issue i think it is not automated atm since we can have access to the minter value in the config files.

Maybe someday it will be. But even if the value are reduced, this will not reduce botting/scripting.

About these gleam farming there is couple issue from the game mechanic as well. Another issue here is if you start nerfing everything then the game does become less appealing/interesting to the fair player or causal players because play becomes too hard/harsh/grindy.

Anyways botting/scripting will never be stopped from any games. This will always happen. So you have to play around it or ignore it.

The beauty of boundless is that you can do everything by yourself. Is it easy to do ? Always depends how much time you can dedicate to it like everything else in life. For me, this games is pretty easy compared to many others. This is the kind of game where i can relax and do the thing at my own pace. Could it be improved for casual player ? Sure, there is always place for improvement.

Increase in price from basic mats isn’t as much bad, kinda help new players to kick start their incomes. I think boundless population is too small to see the real economy. If there were more players, everything would be way more cheap in general.


This one’s always going to be controversial.

Last time I started a thread on this (this is my third) it was pretty much trolled into “What is a bot vs a macro” for a long while.

I’n anything I’ve ever seen no dev has ever made a public comment on this topic to date. I’m super happy about that.

Ofc people are going to quibble about “where the line is” I think.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get clear guidance on this TBH, or if such a thing exists. Is using hardware to bypass the skill tree botting? Maybe, maybe not. Is it cheating? Maybe, maybe not.

Rubber banding your controller is no different from using a macro software to auto tool.

This definitely applies to both platforms, though to different levels. Some of the most avid botters are PS4 players. In my opinion, at least, on what makes something Botting vs macroing, which is mainly the ability to walk away from your machine while your character keeps performing a specified task.

This has been true for leveling exploits, regen farming, and I’m sure other activities as well.

Since I started offering to buy gleam, I’ve had a few eye-opening conversations. I didn’t realize the extent of the problem because honestly the farming gets so boring for an un-needed material, i didn’t know anyone would just keep on doing it. I’s a great way to get over a gap, or for a noob to get a hand up, but people tire of it very quickly.

Bots, on the other hand … :smirk:

Yes this has generated millions of coins into our economy. PC and PS4 players alike.

As for shortage of many items, it is a reason in two ways. It’s keeping people off of some other activities (why bother) and it’s also allowing a nearly unlimited budget for monopolizing markets.

This is a serious point. It gets you to a state where scripting is the de facto method of gameplay, required to really participate in the greater economy. Once the game has to be rebalanced for botting, it’s either do it, or forever stay behind the curve.

There’s a certain expectation that making it harder or “more grindy” is the way to fight this kind of thing. In some senses, making certain things easier is actually a reasonable way to bring the ‘casual’ player back into relevance.

In both cases, I think you’re correct there will never be a 100% solution to this. I also think that education is key, which is why I’ve gone on so much about the uses of the minter. There are very few cases where minting a raw material is the best thing you can do with it. Gleam either.

But it’s fallen in a sweet spot where the effort is low and the reward is high. It definitely stands right now as an example of the worst way these different needs can collide. I was arguing against a “nerf” before but in reality, I’m not against it any more.

In any (every?) case I’m super glad to have James come forward and state that it’s not a “no limits” situation.


Excellent post thankyou! …But I’m suddenly feeling a little bleeped that all of that hard coal that I spent an awful lot of time mining and then sold to you essentially went into creating this monster! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m just a little heated right now having only just become aware of the extent of this… like you I just assumed it was far too boring to ever become a daily activity for so many people.

Agreed it is but one of the reasons, but it’s definitely a major contributor in my opinion.

Again, if the Chrysominter was actually implemented as it was stated it would be, then I don’t think it would have ever been a problem.

And back on topic, likewise, I agree.


10 char

Also, for what it’s worth most of the people I see at Gleam Factory are low level characters, many using single target hammers, most not using speed brews. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone there with a maxed mining build and OP hammers going ham. Personally I find that boring so I wouldn’t do it myself. But it brings others enjoyment and let’s them build and enjoy as they wish, so who am I to judge them?


I believe so yeah, this is one of the activities I was talking about that is taking time away from hunting and gathering which means those items became more rare.

I have a gleamball and go there occasionally and next to me there’s this gigantic structure around another and they are usually there the entire day with the 2 of them, actual 2 players since they talk to each other at times. No idea if they are botting, doing it manually or just watching the bots but have seen them say to each other that it was lunch time…

Still no matter what, manually, botting, something in between (with a hairbrush, tape, etc.) they are gathering gleam all day long!


There will always be a meta, and that is where you will find the crowds. When it changes, they will move. Meta players will find the meta and sit on it everyday, any game.


AOE hammers and all forged gear should increase it’s price. This would make gleam farming less appealing right?