Finally made my multitool

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After three attempts I was able to get the effects I wanted on my spanner. Glow and magnetic boon. Now I can use this while mining instead of a lantern.



Got the same boons on an Axe :slight_smile:

I personally like the light on a shovel and or a grapple as well. Both of those are used underground more than a spanner. If your going to hold something in your hand anyway.

Congrats on the forging success. It’s awesome.

That tool probably will just be used for the boons so it wont lose durabiliy and can last forever. I want one myself lol

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Yep, that’s why I choose a spanner, which is not something I’ll accidentally use while mining.

I think I read it also auto-harvests corpses, though I’ll have to test that.

I just carry a block of refined gleam, lol.

Two, actually, in different colors so I can stack them but still equip them to each hand. That way I can switch tools/hands on the fly.

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I was doing that but I wanted the magnetic range too and the auto-harvest if it works. It comes in handy when you break a block just out of reach and don’t want to break a few more to get to it or when you’re chopping foliage in the treetops.

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Because I am a noob at forging, not sure how it is used on boons. Kinda lost me there.

I think its better the light epic skill, i always have light all the time. And the auto harvest its working ^^

Good luck with your epilepsy.

For who???

The Glow Boon has a flicker that at best will give you a headache, and at worst give you a seizure.

But what?!

Give us a video please!

:scream: ty for the comment, another point to use the epic skill.

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I’d buy one of those!

Are you selling?

I get zero flicker off any tool that has glow.

It’s a funny idea. i like it actually.

But I personally prefer to carry gleam .

Needs confirmation but at glow3 the flicker seems nearly gone.
I have a very smooth and light intensity shifting with my glow 3, but on the low end yeah the flicker is quite uncomfortable and annoying.

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Haven’t checked it either.
The pre-release glow was crazy uncomfortable.

:+1: nice. I need a light source for my grapples

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