Finding hunts

I don’t have a device that can access discord, just a fire tablet and a ps4, is there somewhere else I can find out about hunts?

well these hunts often gathering at the Grovidias Te Hunters Courtjard at the Portal Seeker HQ.

But if i am right you can use discord on any device that has a browser :slight_smile:

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tablet should work i have it on phone not much difference
i made at our hub a hunt clubhouse with notice board but have not yet found crews to post there hunts there if they do i announce it on forum


The next update will include a set of global + public chat channels.

  1. for announcing events, hunts and community activities,
  2. for requesting help and receiving help,
  3. for promoting shops and requesting trades.

The channels all have rate limits and a collection of players will be promoted to mods so that they can remove messages and mute players who abuse the channels.

Hopefully these will allow all players to discover hunts, new shops, etc. It’s great to connect via Discord and the forums, but not everyone is on these channels - hopefully this will help.


Ye forgot it includes farming too right😉


This is HUGE!! thank you devs!!! XD

make this official announcement imagine i did not open this post lol
but lucky i check each time i see ya face pop up :joy: