Finding meteorites

hello, anyone have tips for finding meteorites? like where to find the most etc.


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The gleambow ones work the same as the normal one. So when you enter a new region one will usually spawn, unless someone has recently been there. I don’t remember if the timer is 30min or 60min. If you’re doing the gleambow ones solo I suggest going to a planet with less than 5 people


It seems that if nobody has been in an area for awhile they’re more likely to spawn. Because I’m soloing I will probably stick to T3s, Gyosha mainly, my own strategy is to warp around to a few more remote spots I have saved, run around a bit. Using in particular spots with less rugged landscape, easier to get around. I probably won’t bother with ones too far off.

I’m not sure yet if the gleambows spawn on exos, but if they do, exos do seem to have a higher rate of meteors - I might be wrong on that but it really seems like they rain down at times on them.


Yes :slight_smile:


Excellent!! :smiley: Thank you for the confirmation! :slight_smile:

The lush exo you can get to from Boori has a couple days left on it I think. I might just go there now - low enough level that the mobs aren’t bad. Fairly easy to navigate a lot of it too. I still need to map some of the T7 but likely to get killed by regular mobs if I try for gleambows there - they seem especially deadly there!


first step…look up.
they came from outher space…

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FYI - the very highest level worlds don’t spawn Gleambow Meteorites. These are left for players who want to farm normal meteorites during the event.


So t6/t7? As I was on alcyon hunting them and that’s t5 I think heh :sweat_smile:

Excellent, thanks for the info!! :slight_smile: That saves me a try, haha!

Thoughts so far for those interested…

Ulfric and I were on the lush exo a bit ago, neither of us had luck there though, I saw one but couldn’t get to it. I just did a little planet hopping - Kol Huroo (was around TNT) got a glass one! :slight_smile: And my first piece of black gleam. :smile: Didn’t have any luck on Circ. Best so far has really been Gyosha for me though. I think I might stick to my original plan of mostly wandering it, though I’m still going to jump around a little here. Maybe save some good flat regions.


Think it’s only for t7’s, hunting on galan and i’m getting them and thats a t6.


Yep, Kol Huroo had gleambows. :slight_smile:

I did catch some in Cardass, but landscape wasn’t just fun to run after those :smiley:

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Yea just finished with 33 regions on galan and they were 95% gleambow…don’t forget what I said @RedY3! ITS THE LAW!!!