Finding portals to sovereigns

Would there be any interest in creating a list on the forum of sovereigns with their portal locations? I realize it can become outdated pretty quickly but it might cut down on some frustration. I WANT to visit your planet!


This is a great idea, would also be nice to include on the sovereign postings if there are colour farms available, shops, etc. :slight_smile:


Would like to have them mark weather or not you can collect resources there. A bunch you arrive and can collect nothing but critters. I can do that on a home world. All of mine are are resource available. If there are farms on them they are located thru the portals to them. Some farms are at the Farm portal wall at the Dragonslair hub as well.

Teddybear Portal @Serpendindi TNT hub (will add second location

Gizmo TNT sov wall, Dragonslair hub

Sunshine and Rainbows Dragonslair hub multiple doors.

We also have portals to 1 UP, 2 Up, Erigia, Endorah,and Gotterish in the Dragonslair hub. 1 up, 2 up and Endorah also have doors @ TNT sov wall.

Our guild members also have several other planets which i don’t know all of them that are around and most have doors in the TNT T6 network.


Thank you for listing yours, @Wondernut!

All of my planets are open for harvesting:

Groddle - portal from TNT sov wall; I have a shop with some pretty random stuff (Uncle Friendly’s Emporium). It’s up the hill a bit to the left as you come through the portal. No farms on Groddle, but it is mostly forest and I have shadow mustard lustrous.

Vims - portal from Groddle, directly across from where you come in from TNT; great sweet bean planet, all the sand you could possibly require

Empress - portal from TNT Serp; island trees with loads of fungi

Noctiluca - portal from TNT Houchus; strong slate gleamball (completely enclosed), amethyst mine, island trees

Also, I scan regularly; if anyone has a planet they need scanned, message me here or on Discord.


Great idea! I’ll edit mine accordingly.

Ok there’s a few to list.

Via TNT Cardass and Pharao’s Network Cardass:

Planet Donkey - there’s a hub here with portals to several other planets and various mines, resources, gleam, etc. Planets found are Piseag, Bò Reamhar and Sinne na Daoine.

Via TNT Kol Huroo and Pharao’s Network Kol Huroo

Asal Mòr - another hub connecting to planets Tiberius Thunderplums and Jobbywater, with portals to mines, gleam and resources.

TNT Finata

Alba Nuadh - portal connecting to planet Uibhist here. There portals to gleam farms. Alba Nuadh is a good source for inky leaf and reactive lamella. Uibhist is a great source of sweet beans.

In summary, planet list:

Planet Donkey
Bò Reamhar
Sinne na Daoine
Asal Mòr
Tiberius Thunderplums
Alba Nuadh


Starbug 1, placid lush, open to gathering (no farms yet) Portal at Giggleswick on Storis II next to GTG Storis II planetary portal. Colours will change periodically.


For now called “Dubbel Frisss” is available ONLY on THE FUTURE OF FARMS. TNT connection was not worth it. Find the beam between farms and region exp and watch out for Mayflower Farm Hub.


Appreciate the responses so far. Keep 'em coming!


Just opened my new home, Nocturna. Open to all to visit and mine, currently have regen farms for Lustrous Wood (Night Berry) and Gleam (Luminous Slate). Plan to try and get an Amethyst mine and Sand farm up soon. Come visit if you would like! (My new home is still undergoing construction ^_^)

Can be reached through TNT T5 Serpensarindi hub and GTG Serp hub (see below)

Safe travels!



Come out to our Sov, The Corrupted Forest off Houchus I in TNT T6! Best spot in all of Boundless for Ancient Corruption! We even have a fully safe Regen farm for it.


I visited a few weeks ago and your hub on the Upside Down is delightful.


Glad to hear it and thank you! The Slubs are always building new attractions. More to come with the new year!