Finding Rock Colours!

I bought it. I think it was on the forge shop just besides Merika PS hub

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I’m looking really hard for or bright white metamorphic rocks?

If you go to moonies, she has a portal called world resources.

Closest thing to white rocks is the cold berry sedimentary on Houchus. You can use a type change chisel to switch rock types. If you come to Quark on Angel 1 we have some cold berry blocks in builds (brick, Mosaic, marble).

Or Cool Slate, I find that is as close to white as we have right now.

I’ve tried to check colour charts but they don’t work. I’m trying to find black gravel

You should be able to find black gravel on Angel I

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Okay thank you :slight_smile:

Say @Stretchious, while you are here, will the last planets which were added put into the database of ? Not exos, i think galan and some others?

Head to “the all block shop” best place in game to see all the colours in every block type.

Go to Boori in Portal Seekers hub. At the back 2nd level find dut-t forgery portal, then on the other side turn to your right and you will see another portal for the all block shop.


They will be on there soon yeah, I’ve just not gotten around to it yet.

Still, astounishing work, i use it regulary, thank you :slight_smile:

Love the World Block Museum off the TNT Hub.

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Does anyone know a shop selling decorative sedimetary rock 2 cold berry?

How many you Need?

Hi all back after a hiatus, I’m trying to locate the origin of ashen taupe metamorphic rock, (i bought some from a store it’s a great color for my build) I presume it is or was an exo world, I need a lot willing to buy if necessary? Any help appreciated…

Welcome back, this sheet may be some help for you :+1:

Colour sheet - Google Spreadsheets

Are you sure its Ashen Taupe
I think its from one of the EXO-planets.
May be you can find it in the EXO- planet Archive

Thank you for that, as thought it’s from an exo world, Yuuhza last seen in May, this could get ugly…

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Just throwing this out here for anyone who needs it, one of our councilors made this handy search tool for all block/plant colors available on existing planets. Hope it helps people.