Finding Rock Colours!


I was wondering if anyone had started to put together a list or display of all the different colours available on each world. Having a handy guide was very helpful for the pre-release worlds.
There are some particular colours I’m looking for (if they even exist at all in the new universe) and any being able to narrow down the search would be great.
I think the community could manage to come up with something pretty quickly if everyone contributed info on the planets they’ve explored :slight_smile:

Edit: something like this!!


can y agive coords to the shop :wink: welcome back :smile:


I am working on collecting the color information for each world for all of the blocks. Still collecting so it will be awhile. Is there are color you had in mind? I may be able to point you to the planet you want.


Well I was hoping for metamorphic rock in white or a similarly light colour. Otherwise I’d be interested to know what’s out there so I can start planning my new city :slight_smile:

Do you need any help collecting colour information? I could contribute the very few I’ve already found :stuck_out_tongue: unless you wanna go for the challenge of getting every block yourself, in which case good luck!!


The shop will make a comeback! Eventually… :stuck_out_tongue:


it was my number one shop untill it closed :smile:
loved the rooms ya had that seperated the colors


I don’t know how I’m going to do the colours now, 255 rooms seems a bit toooo much for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


easy choose the ones ya like dont sell ugglys


But it’s like pokemon! Gotta catch (or collect and sell) them all!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


^^ We’re working on it right now. Have the basic colours for the 3rd tier worlds setup already for the most part.


i also will have a colector alt lol
just massive storage one off each hahah


Material catalogue replaced by colour sheet:

Feel free to comment it.

Don't Quarry Be Happy



  • Sedimentary β€” Oxide Violet
  • Metamorphic β€” Black
  • Igneous β€” Dark Gray


  • Twisted β€” Red
  • Lustrous β€” Shadow Mustard
  • Ancient β€” Strong Orange


  • Silty β€” Strong Orange
  • Clay β€” Strong Yellow
  • Peaty β€” Shadow Green


  • Lush β€” Mint
  • Waxy β€” Tan
  • Exotic β€” Yellow


  • Verdant β€” Deep Yellow
  • Gnarled β€” Deep Green
  • Barbed β€” Deep Yellow


  • Sand β€” Dark Rose
  • Gravel β€” Dark Grey
  • Mud β€” Strong Orange


  • Ghostflower β€” Green




  • Sedimentary β€” Warm Red
  • Metamorphic β€” Silk Mustard
  • Igneous β€” Silk Orange


  • Twisted β€” Vivid Cobalt
  • Lustrous β€” Dark Violet
  • Ancient β€” Silk Lavender


  • Silty β€” Deep Azure
  • Clay β€” Dark Cobalt
  • Peaty β€” Dark Cobalt


  • Lush β€” Cerulean
  • Waxy β€” Teal
  • Exotic β€” Slate


  • Verdant β€” Strong Turquoise
  • Gnarled β€” Deep Azure
  • Barbed β€” Deep Slate


  • Gleam β€” Stark Orange
  • Sand β€” Stale Sepia
  • Gravel β€” Stale Sepia
  • Mud β€” Strong Azure
  • Thorns β€” Strong Turquoise


  • Cloneflower β€” Deep Yellow
  • Ghostflower β€” Turquoise
  • Gladeflower β€” Tan
  • Spineflower β€” Deep Violet


Storis II


  • Sedimentary β€” Silk Turquoise
  • Metamorphic β€” Night Azure
  • Igneous β€” Dark Cerulean


  • Twisted β€” Warm Red
  • Lustrous β€” Shadow Mustard
  • Looks like I didn’t find any Ancient woods on Storis II :thinking:


  • Silty β€” Strong Mustard
  • Clay β€” Dark Green
  • Peaty β€” Night Green


  • Lush β€” Teal
  • Waxy β€” Viridian
  • Exotic β€” Warm Moss


  • Verdant β€” Hot Moss
  • Gnarled β€” Deep Turquoise
  • Barbed β€” Deep Viridian


  • Sand β€” Mustard
  • Gravel β€” Oxide Azure
  • Ash β€” Strong Cherry


  • Cloneflower β€” Deep Violet
  • Ghostflower β€” Teal
  • Spineflower β€” Deep Cerulean


sorry to hijack a little but does anyone know whereto get white stone of some sort? Need white or close to it storage containers, thanks


seems to have any white stone yet


I am actually working on a thing to catalog all of the blocks of the worlds. I have the US East worlds basically done already as well as all of the stone/wood from all of the worlds (except T5 US West/EU). Instructions to get there:

  1. Biitula Portal Seekers
  2. Black Light Pheminorum (it is the portal behind the main Pheminorum portal)
  3. Go South, there is a 1x2 portal setting by itself, go through it.
  4. Go up the stairs West and through the door.

I do not have signs yet, but the order is:

  • US East (T1-T4) on North East corner, starting with T1 on East most side.
  • US West (T1-T4) on South East corner, starting with T1 on East most side.
  • EU (T1-T4) on South West corner, starting with T1 on South most side.
  • AUS (T1-T3) + US East T5 on North West corner starting with AUS T1 on North most side.

EDIT: Here are all of the colors I have so far:



Wow! That’s some really great work @Angellus and @Okkelinor - I’m definitely going to save these for reference :slight_smile:

I’m a little disappointed that all of the rock colours are so dark - I was a big fan of the neutral white/tan colours before - but I am loving the colourful wood! I think we’re gonna see a lot of cool stuff from people with all these new options :smiley:


Grovidias Te


  • Sedimentary β€” Warm Cherry
  • Metamorphic β€” Silk Orange
  • Igneous β€” Silk Cherry


  • Twisted β€” Vivid Moss
  • Lustrous β€” Oxide Green
  • Ancient β€” Silk Mint


  • Silty β€” Silk Mint
  • Clay β€” Strong Turquoise
  • Peaty β€” Dark Turquoise


  • Lush β€” Azure
  • Waxy β€” Teal
  • Exotic β€” Turquoise


  • Verdant β€” Strong Viridian
  • Gnarled β€” Deep Slate
  • Barbed β€” Deep Turquoise


  • Gleam β€” Light Red
  • Sand β€” Light Red
  • Gravel β€” Stale Red
  • Ash β€” Hot Moss


  • Cloneflower β€” Deep Yellow
  • Ghostflower β€” Deep Violet