Finding Rock Colours!


We’ve got all the main blocks filled in over at the worldspire—here’s a screenshot reference:


GREAT WORK, Okkelinor! Ancient wood can be found on Storis II in the flowering center of giant foliage plants. It’s surrounded by dark peaty soil. I think you can harvest 9 at a time from each “plant.”


Could you share colour names?


Yeah - are there any names you’re looking for in particular?


Names which weren’t pointed by @Angellus


I share a summary sheet instead of forum-driven materials catalogue. It includes all data captured by @Angellus and myself. Please, feel free to comment it if you have additional information.

UPD: With indispensable help by @nevir the colour sheet was updated with… colours! It has visualisation now so you can find you need in by its colour. Look at second page with vertical sweep :wink:

Suggestion: Color Names to Hex Codes for blocks (Hot Tan = 0x?)
Colour wheel for character creation

Here is a link to all of mine. All of the colors listed on the Excel sheet are in my display on Pheminorum. I plan to finish mine as soon as I get done with the current project I am working on.!AnZRXdpsiMWXsZcWaQ40kI7meUZInA

1.0 Colour Palettes

Thanks @VatriXxX for help to filling this colour sheet :+1:


Hey Guys, thats my help for the Colors where to find… :smiley:


Awesome :slight_smile:


No problem, your table is good for finding the colored blocks :slight_smile:


I’m working on a stone shop, where you can find all the colors in one place. It’s still a work in progress but I already have a mini showcase for each color and each stand has at least 3k stones to sell. No portals yet but you can find me on Finata Capital, just heading south.


With indispensable help by @nevir I just updated colour sheet with… colours! It has visualisation now so you can find you need in by its colour. Look at second page with vertical sweep :wink:

It can have bad performance now. Please share me your thoughts.


I like this very much

thank you

Edit: it also shows just how much color repetition there is in the universe. I felt that was true but this certainly shows it very dramatically.


You are my new hero.



yeah I have read this. . I think the algorithm needs tweaking, but I do not want to use this thread to take away from what you have done for the community.


Is it possible for you to share a link to a spreadsheet? (read only one :wink: ) So we can use find by name?

Also big thank you! It’s something I just forgot to write, It’s not that I’m not greatfull, and just want more.


Holy moly that chart ist just great! Thank you


Thank you! Was just going through the old one trying to work out what rock to collect