Add back original color palette planets like old Universe

I will not disagree it would be popular. . as much as we are not these strange creatures called Humans from planet Earth, our architecture tends to mimic what we have heard happens on that planet. People would like the opportunity to replicate some of the structures they have heard about like pyramids from ancient Egypt, Roman and Greek temples and even medieval villages. While I do appreciate and would not want the entire universe to be populated only with replicas. I still think there is a place for the more Earth like colors even on the starter worlds.

Oh yeah, I want it too. The world I have built looks like a beach paradise mixed with green. Good feels all the time. Somewhere you want to come home to.

I have a spot plotted in a glen of huge trees with beautiful grey/blue bark that are probably 6-8 plots tall. It will be very restful once I decide what to build there.

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As Ben has said many times before

I went mining on different starter worlds just to try to get a variety of colors of rock, and was very disappointed to see they are so similar.


@james will correct me here (he created the palletes) but I will attempt to explain and give a little more information on how we choose world colours. We have 255 colours to choose from. We then have different algorithms to create different palleted from these 255 colours. Each algorithm is designed with some goal in mind. For example we have algorithm that try to encapsulate: earth like pallettes, monochromatic palletes, low saturation palletes etc. Worlds are given palletes based on their level and world type. This is why level 1-2 worlds looks similar. The idea here is that when you travel to a new world, they look very different from a chromatic perspective. We wanted to achieve the feeling of discovering something new. This means that for each given world type and for each given block there is a limited set of colours which it can take. Now, we are continually trying to improve palletes (as with all areas of the game). The worlds we added most recently have 'improved" pallettes. The colour space for each planet and block should have been increased quite a lot, reducing the chance of duplication substantially. That is not to say you will suddenly see neon pink starter worlds.

There is more we want to do with the pallete system and I’m sure we will continue to iterate. As far as white rocks go, I’m not sure this is something our current palletes can achieve. Maybe they can I have no idea. I’m pretty sure at some point there will be white rock however it is very possible that they will only be found on planets of certain tiers and types.

Additionally, we plan to add some form of dying system by which you can extract the colour of a block and apply it to another. This doesn’t help you now but will improve the colour situation in future.


Thank you for the explanation, and so fast! <3
thing is, this is creating a problem where the only place to find a certain colour is to go to the hardest world possible, where that particular colour would fit perfectly normally in an earth-like starter world.
warm yellow sedimentary is just one example.
that as well as “white” i know exists in the 255 and are perfectly normal to see on earth. there is quite a large range of colours that could work on a starter planet, I don’t even mind if they look almost the same. what hurts my soul is when i see the exact same colour with the exact same block type on another planet. or several planets. I thought this issue was going to be mitigated in the new worlds but it is happening again…
I am totally okay with seeing different block types of the same colour, that’s a good thing, people like to build with all the same colour but different blocks, it looks great.
it’s just… how many worlds will drop before we see a very light near-white (I know pure white isn’t possible, but i’m pretty sure “white” exists in the selection of 255 colours) rock? I’m helping build a city and a LOT of people are asking for a white or the whitest block (a lot more people than I expected actually) and I have to tell them it’s warm yellow and they have to have a lot of atmospheric protection because it’s going to take them a long time to break those blocks…


Duplicating the exact some colours in the exact same block is something we want to minimise. If the new worlds have duplicated colours then we need to look into the pallets some more. Thanks for bringing this up.


phew!! Thank you so much. I (we all) were starting to go crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel like the standard metamorphic rock from the beta worlds would do a lot to satisfy this demand. It’s mostly grey, but it’s a very natural, neutral color that would fill many gaps in our existing pallet.


Sedimentary on Refgar is a nice light grey, might do for now.


I also do appreciate the explanation. As someone that primarily wants to build, the wider palette I have the better. I was very excited when we were shown the 255 colors in the palette. I had hoped to see a broad spectrum of rock colors spread across all the planets and not the very limited set we have been provided to this point.

I understand the possible future option of extracting color, but I have two issues with this. The color has to exist somewhere else and all it does is add more grind in order to get the block that I might want. I wish there was a better way to make colors available than adding more grind to the game.

Making people go to the higher tier planets to find something different is an interesting concept, but not one that I fully appreciate. I think it is very limiting to not offer more variety of colors on the starter worlds. I am getting bored pretty quickly with blue, green and purple and greys. especially the exact same colors on different planets. Making rock colors more difficult to mine and rarer seems anti-builder to me. We are not talking about gems, we are talking about common rocks. Maybe I am the only one that feels this way.

I am helping other people and guilds with builds. I keep hoping to have more variety of colors before even fully planning my own build. I am now more concerned than I was before that this may not happen.


Minorengle just came online and it has Oxide grey and Ashen blue both quite light, a step in the right direction!

More blue and grey. No red, brown, or tan. I will acknowledge that I had wanted blue in the old universe but this is getting ridiculous. Tons of shades in the same color does not make a wide or varied pallete in my opinion.

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This issue with this was the design approached things from a T1 - Tx model and not from a Server Zone issue. So it was only thought about from 1 dimension not multiple. When players travel to higher worlds things should feel like you are discovering new. But, when you go to a NEW starter planet (or any planet anywhere in any zone and any tier) from the one you started on, it should also feel like you discovered something new. And right now everything looks very much the same until you get to T5 or whatever.

You are cutting down on variability a lot here and tying color changes only to world progression via tiers. Not everyone plays that way. We need multi-dimensional type design, not flat progression.

This is a good idea but I am sure a lot of us fear that you will put this behind a cubit or some other payment gate. Please caution towards just a technology solution like another machine or something. Please.

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Flat progression is good for start, it probably can be improved, right now I’d like to see some other things sorted out, and I don’t see that much issue that design is approached from Server Zone perspective. It makes sense since for example AU players will have lag on any other server, EU players will have lag on AU and US West, so it does make sense for players to spend more time in their zone. Also if you already know worlds of the same tier are similar in design you don’t have to visit them. It has merit for each T1 world to have different design, but that would devalue a bit higher tier worlds.

Maybe it’s subjective, but to me all the starter worlds look very different.
Even if they have all very earth like colors, they have different earthlike colors, different prefabs and different biomes.

I already helped two ps4 players to find a buddy on a different starter world and i always saw something new.


I think the value in the higher tier worlds are the resources such as plentiful iron, gems, gold, silver, titanium, thorns, corruption, and future items such as blink and darkmatter. Also the hunting for higher level meteors and the associated larger loot drops. That seems like plenty to keep the interest for people to go there. I do not think having more color varieties on a tier 1 or tier 2 would have a significant affect on traffic to the higher tier worlds.

I agree the developers have done a good job making the planets not look the same with the biomes, tree sizes, waters and canals and such. I will disagree that they have very different colors of rock. There are too many repeats of exactly the same color and too many times they are just shades of a different color versus coming from a different part of the color wheel.

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I never said “very different”. So no need to disagree.
Dark Cerulean and Dark Turquoise look almost the same, still they are different.

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The current palette is pretty diverse, actually! (especially with the introduction of the new worlds). All the rock colors, for example (as rendered on my crappy mac):