World color palette generation discussion & poll

Do you think changes need to be made to the world color generating algorithm?

  • Yes
  • Yes, with small tweaks to block types (ie gleam color)
  • No

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If you are curious how colors are chosen reference this post

And more detail

Source code for the Json objects is referenced in the first post by James

Please respect others opinions this post is meant to be as unbiased as possible and help give the devs some feedback. @james since it looks like he created the algorithms.


If I logged in one day and saw 100s of worlds, I think I’d pass out from happiness :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


I appreciate that each world type has a palette range that makes similar worlds feel alike. But, I do think it would be nice to occasionally have worlds that are completely random, even if they don’t look the best.

As far as gleam, it would be nice if every exo had gleam for sure. All of our in permanent T3 and above planets have gleam. It’s really frustrating hoping to find those dark and shadow gleam colors that never end up being there.


I feel like the exos have a specific range in terms of pallete. Like if an umbris planet appears we have reds for sure. Or like the case with blink. They have all pretty much had white rocks and wood.

There seems do be less random and rare colors introduced and that is a little disheartening.

One thing that seems to always be just a couple of colors is the ice and glacier. I’m going to go mad if there are any more weary teal or cold berry ice and glacier


I totally agree with this. I understand wanting the perm worlds to have aesthetic color palettes, but let the EXOs be alien and random. Black gleam, luminous violet ancient timber, vibrant orange spinebacks, with red sed rock…on one planet :grin:. Don’t match the gleam or goo to each other or rocks.


Haha, yeah, kiss what is left of my life goodbye… :rofl:

I agree with @Vurtadelic here I think - it is nice having certain types in a certain range, maybe open it up a little though, and also have the occasional totally random one. Even if it did look really weird, it would be notable and be interesting I think.


They do indeed I think you’d find the links I posted in up top useful. The source code is linked in the first one and you can see they have a base object, ones for different tier metal worlds, gem, etc. you can see recently added (6 months ago) json objects for umbris, blink and rift. This is why people should stop wishing for black gleam or shadow colors. It just isn’t possible

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If all planets are forced to look the same because “we wrote the code that way,” maybe it’s time to scrap that plan and just go with manual color selection for a bit.


@james can we get some special Halloween event exos with some shadow colors and black gleam?


For anyone who has access to the World Builder - if you create a world colour config - then I’d be happy to launch it as an Exo.


I’d love to spent time on the procedural palette generation. Absolutely :heart: to. But I try to be disciplined on what we work on. And the question is always: what improves the game the most for the most # of players?


^^ well THAT’S awesome!!!


You all got no excuse now :joy:


I nominate @Gorillastomp


i have already sent a black gleam palette maybe you forget…


Ummm :confused: - never got it…

What’s world builder? Besides what it sounds like…

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An EA / early backer tool/perk (world terrain editor)


Can’t I just back the game now and get to play with world building tools? Pleeeaase…


Dark red gleam! Dark blue gleam! Dark green gleam!!!

Mountains of it