Exo World Builder..For All?

First I want to say this is not a complaint post :hushed: but more of a question that popped in my head from James’s post. I think this has been brought up before but I know how people feel about necros :grin:

Piggy backing off of Fante’s post

But specifically

As we saw with the halloween exo that @jesshyland picked colors for, excitement was higher than normal for many including myself. But Jess and James have also said it’s time intensive and not something they will have time to do on the regular as they are working on many other things for the game.

From my understanding, the world builder is a backer only perk. But I’m not sure how many backers are still active and willing to make color palettes for exos. Since I’m not a backer myself I won’t suggest allowing non-backers to buy/get this perk after the fact. But if a current backer is willing to open up about that, feel free.

But I do wonder if it would it be possible to create a website version of the world builder tool on a very low scale strictly for color pallets? Terrain, world level, atmospheres, etc. would still be random. I’m picturing something like a basic template where we can simply color an image of a landscape. This would basically allow anyone to create a color pallet and put it up for a community vote to be implemented as a future exo.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be something done for EVERY exo, but every now and then would be something cool to do. Now I’m not a tech savvy person myself so I’m not sure if this is even an easy task. Could even be something a community member could create and easily translate the data for devs to put into the exo. What do you all think?


i would love it
if given chance i could really work with picking colors for upcoming exos - we have awesome colors to be picked :slight_smile:
if only they could allow it…

Jess made awesome exo, we wish we could get more like this :smiley:


I was surprised to see that no one from EA jumped on the opportunity to do this for the community, after James mentioned it. :confused:

I do think there are some players, that joined after the new BL universe came into existence, that would have stayed up all night long creating a world for everyone to enjoy. I’m not good with building and stuff, but I def would have tried to create one.

The ones Jess created turned out amazing :heart_eyes: I’m glad she took the time to do that, so we’d at least have one.

Maybe they could allow one or two player-created EXOs to be voted into existence, once a month?


Me too. I believe gorilla made one but didn’t see anyone else mention it. And we can’t expect one person to take that on themselves. I think the one jess made has been my favorite so far. It might have something to do with shadow red gleam and black sand though :joy:

I can agree once or twice a month would be good enough to keep the feeling special and allow time to vote.


You’re right, he did. I wish we could have checked it out.

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Could still be coming, hopefully we’ll see it one day

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