Why are there no exos again?

This is very true. Even if it then causes arguement in itself I would rather be told something I didn’t like rather than nothing at all.

The silence just comes across as a bit rude/ignorant and makes me feel less of valued as a player/customer.

With most other games I have played, if the communication had been this much of an afterthought I would have stopped playing by now (damn your addictiveness boundless)

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I don’t know if I’d say cheaper content. They still have to pay for a server to put it on.

I’m no tech guy but could this have something to do with no exos lately?

They don’t have to devote precious time resources to them.

Might be less time but money is just as precious. 4 exos in a month could cost just as much money(or more) than adding new blocks on to already existing servers. We don’t know how much any of it costs. And to think something is cheaper or easier than another thing is just bad on our part imo. That’s why you won’t see me demand or plead to get something. I’ll enjoy what I have and be happy about it. Especially since I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth.


I’m basing my response off James’ response

Clearly time is a very finite resource for them. I’ve never seen them say we only have a certain amount of server costs. Which still could be the case but they haven’t outright said it


I want something other then the same cheese burger and cup of coca cola everyday. If I take 2 weeks and don’t have that meal and then when I do have it’s that much more exciting and appealing. Now I’m hungry…brb


It would be bad on their part to tell us if they got close to server costs. Would not be a good sign for the game.


Not saying your wrong I was just referring you to a post where my assumption was made not fact

I totally hear what you guys are saying. And I agree it’s really my own pressure i put on myself. But I am a completionist. I’d hate to miss out on some color plant/flower especially if that color doesn’t come around for another 254 exos. But yes, this is my personal issue I’m working on. I need to learn to be ok with not having every color oortian staff.

What I think i’m Hearing though from those who want more is that exos represent the sole end game interest. And i think that speaks to the lack of more end game activities than it does to the frequency of exos.

I’d much rather the devs work on creating more things for us to do aside form exos rather than focus on a barrage of exos as the only end game option. If there were other things to do during an exo lull there wouldn’t be such an emphasis on always having an exo available.

Just my two cents.

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Same hungry now too… Kind of sounds like you want them treated like a haloween special exo. Maybe steady stream of normal cheese burger exos with a rare special filet mignon steak exo would satisfy both crowds?

Realistically the Titans i believe are supposed to be the end game along with the new mechanics they will bring. But that’s not any time soon(from my guess).

It’s just even the special ones don’t seem special anymore. Because we have EXO’s so often

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What about events?

Events… I won’t go there. That’s another entire new discussion. Unless you mean event exos the I would prefer that. Such as recommended gleam bow exos.

Well I’m just trying to understand what makes you tick better to understand what would be an ideal boundless experience for you. Because It sounds to me like you are treating exos like events but I may be off base here only you can answer that.

Btw, this has been a hot topic. My response in the poll is still how I feel too

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@devs see how nice everyone asked. You did this to yourselves devs by playing exo Santa.

It has to be random or entitlement will become the norm.


Honestly exos feel like a bandaid on content for me. I understand alot of people enjoy them. Though it is just a temp planet brought in to sink coin and keep people busy. EXO world’s will be more exciting for me when ancient ruins, treasure and obstacles are put into them. Until then it’s just a way to sink non perm colors into the game.


It’s an automated script tho. Shouldn’t interfere with content that they have been working on.

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Alright this gives me a much better idea. I’d be okay with much less often exos if they were truly unique like this and also with new colors (well more new colors than what we get now)

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