Why are there no exos again?

Been a dry couple of weeks imo…


Has it even been a full week yet? What happened to patience?

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What I mean, to clarify, is that usually there’s 2-3 active exos at all times. The past two weeks it’s been 0-2 exos at all times, with several lulls with 0 exos. This is unusual, and in my opinion, bad design.

In my opinion, it is better if people can come home from work to see what exos are currently available as opposed to if there is an exo currently available. Just sharing my opinion. I think others probably agree.


I like more 2 exos at a time it gives me time to farm them and do other stuff. But these couple days we did not get enough exos :frowning:


Exos should be a rare occurrence. Once a month is good. BRING ON THE HATE!


Nope I’m in complete agreement with you @Ratchel


Right imagine a week or 2 or a month without an EXO. That next EXO would feel so much more special.


Lol. And then that exo would have silk yellow gleam and rocks. :joy:


That would be the luck of the draw then. Or if 3 appeared at same time. Just never understood why this apparent magical thing happens so frequently. And maybe they can make it so no matter what no perm colors can be available on the exos.

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I’m totally fine with there being some downtime. I often feel rushed to get to exos and gather stuff because there are too many at once. This leaves little time for my building projects. Looking forward to making some progress around my base


That’s exactly out I feel. I am finely having a chance to work on out dome remodel and it’s relaxing. Instead of worrying about if I’m going to find that one single spineback on the entire EXO.

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I dont agree I need exos umbris pls


In 1 month time…maybe :rofl:

I believe when I suggested this awhile back I was crucified for saying so. But hey that’s why we have double standards (as I see no one running in with the cross for you all). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And Que the off topic hiding the post…


Yea and when some of us requested for umbris to remain a meteor only reward… They came at us with the pitchforks!


Best exo ever :triumph:

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To some degree, some are getting their wish…it’s been over 2 months since an Umbris planet has spawned.

The only problem with them being too rare is that they hold the alternative portal fuel that everyone wanted so badly. I don’t think there are many people left that use it, due to it’s inconsistent availability.

Exos are also our only chance at getting items in a specific color & a chance for explorers to have something new. Making players wait 12+ months for a certain color block? I dunno about that :thinking:


But there’s goo and paints for those blocks :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


Not for gleam, mud, grass seeds, ash, foliage, tangle, thorns, growth, mold, plants, boulders, etc :woman_shrugging:
We haven’t had an exo with a lot of specific colors yet…gray, black, red…

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I mean, I get what you’re saying, but the break is nice for those that travel to exos frequently to focus on some builds and side projects.

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