World color palette generation discussion & poll

Any chance this could get pushed out to us peons who had no idea what Boundless was until a year ago?


I’m thinking something a bit darker.

Step into the shadows with me for a moment…


A shadow-palette planet topped with SEVERAL colors of gleam (one can dream right?) starting with the shadow range up to ultimate black. If we’re going to ask for a favor (exo), we better do it right and make it count :joy:


Heh my same thoughts! I would have been one if I knew it existed form the start.:thinking:

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Oh, and have them spawn in mountain sizes that we have seen in the the past! None of this… “Get one here and then two six steps over there…” :sweat_smile:

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would love an exo with all black colored elements, bet it would look sweet!


Yeah I wish I could still back the game. It wasn’t available to be a “founder” on ps4. I would of easily backed it this game is amazing.

How about atleast one exo during the Halloween event being black orange purple colors?


We just had a decent orange(ish) and purple(ish) gleam, at least. Still time to spawn in a black gleam exo, tho…

@james :pray:t2::black_heart::new_moon::spider::bat:



How about a black everything and 2 gleam colors (orange and purple) nights would be really dark. Or orange purple everything and black gleam

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I’m happy enough with what we’ve got queued up already. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that I have personally reached a certain level* of comfort when it comes to oranges & purples.

Black gleam on the other hand… there will never be enough. At any rate, not trying to steer this too far off topic so I’ll cease / desist here for now. :jack_o_lantern::space_invader:

*Shadow Orange or Shadow Violet (or freaking shadow anything) are always a welcomed addition. :grin:


I want black gleam too. Can make tinted windows for builds. If event is going on for a weekish and we get exos every 3-4 days than no reason all the exos in that week can’t be Halloween colors


Oh my how much of each of those do you have lol

Hopefully more than I’ll ever need… If not, I know where to go for more! :sweat_smile:

He won’t give them up trust me lmao

Good to know I’m not the only gleamaholic in boundless

Yeah but I’ve never seen anyone that matches your obsession Fante lmao


I’d like some more saturated colors - the oranges we’ve had so far look like pastels or sherberts almost (to me) and the purples are ok…but I’d like to see some that are darker or something. Really, just any color that we don’t already have lol :woman_shrugging: :laughing::grin::grin: