Finding Rock Colours!


I tried to build sheet for searching by name at third page, but not sure is it possible to be have used in read only. I look how to improve that.


Ok, i found the sheet It’s actually all I needed, really great job :smiley:

Rock color by world guide?

Off topic a little and sorry if this sounds newb but does anyone know how to actually change the rock type on the crafting. Im on ps4 using other metamorphic rock from Different planets on boori but it keeps making the rock type set to the boori location. Do i need to move my refinery or?



Keep in inventory only the rock colour you want to process, and move other colours to some other storage. It’s a bug IMHO, that you can’t really predict output colour of the processed rock if you use different coulurs as input. I did some testing and there seems to be no consistency. Some Dev said he look into it, but…


I know this post is a little old but I just finished an all on one page world rock/wood/clay page for fast references


Help! I must have ancient wood Night orange colour, it isn’t on these charts but I bought some from shop.
The games lighting makes the darkest lustrous and twisted timbers look really light when sun’s out, hoping the Ancient keeps its dark color better.
Does anyone know where it grows? :frowning:


Beckon, i think.

Sorry, it is dark orange on beckon…


You have Night Orange on Lutrion, but it is lustrous, not ancient. You always can change the wood type with a forged chisel which is probably how this wood get to your hands.


Oh! Don’t suppose you have one for sale? :]


I bought it. I think it was on the forge shop just besides Merika PS hub


I’m looking really hard for or bright white metamorphic rocks?



If you go to moonies, she has a portal called world resources.


Closest thing to white rocks is the cold berry sedimentary on Houchus. You can use a type change chisel to switch rock types. If you come to Quark on Angel 1 we have some cold berry blocks in builds (brick, Mosaic, marble).


Or Cool Slate, I find that is as close to white as we have right now.


I’ve tried to check colour charts but they don’t work. I’m trying to find black gravel


You should be able to find black gravel on Angel I


Okay thank you :slight_smile:


Say @Stretchious, while you are here, will the last planets which were added put into the database of ? Not exos, i think galan and some others?


Head to “the all block shop” best place in game to see all the colours in every block type.

Go to Boori in Portal Seekers hub. At the back 2nd level find dut-t forgery portal, then on the other side turn to your right and you will see another portal for the all block shop.