Finding Silver in release 205?

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I’ve looked over some of the older discussions about finding silver, but I am still scratching my head over it.

I’ve tried on Ceph Merika and on Till to use the Atlas to find silver hot spots. I know I’m in grassy areas, and the Atlas is showing blue. I dig down to around altitude 16 and strip mine the best I can with my unforged iron tools. So far, I’ve found more GOLD than silver, and since gold is supposed to spawn under sand rather than under dirt, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find any of that at all.

Am I going too deep? Not deep enough? Should I just give up on the T3 and T4 worlds, and just jump to a T5 world for my precious alloy ingredients?

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I usually did 20-22 and up on ceph

Just go higher tier plants… below 5 is a waste of time!

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I used to regularly come home with a hundred or so silver on Lamblis, T3 metal world, sometimes 200. If you can 1-shot stone blocks there with a silver hammer that may be a tolerable place?

Besevrona T5, altitude 16 just dig where emeralds and amethyst are and you’ll find more silver than you can possibly use. Just dropped off 1200 silver from two days of casual mining.

Cardass is the best world possible for silver at alt 24. Trust me. Its so abundant you’ll wonder why you ever traded anyone for it. Find a green patch of hotspot and strip mine it


Thanks for all the replies. Based on the feedback, I might have dug down too low. I will experiment with altitude ~24 instead of ~16 tonight.

With a minor strength potion, I can one shot stone on the T3 and T4 worlds. I haven’t tested yet if the same will be true on a T5 world or if I would need a stronger potion. Of course, if it turns out I can one shot on T5 with the right potion as well . . . I’m probably better off just going there instead!


I am utc +1live in switzerland. I will be glad to take you whit me in a miningtrip show you stuff and also demonstrate my miningbuild wich lets me survive t6. I do mining on alcyon shedu tier and cardass mostly. Also i show you where to get some quick titanium. Send me a pm if interested.

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After all of the kind feed back here, and in direct messages, I tried a mining run at altitude ~30 in the same location on Ceph Merika from my experiment that led to my initial post.

The change in altitude made a huge difference, resulting in my finding multiple veins of silver in the half-hour to an hour that I spent digging.

Altitude 16 must be too low for that world.



Shedu Tier can solve silver issues in a hurry.

As can cardass. I think i found last night that cardass has the highest planet percentages for both silver and gold on same planet. Git a good 1.2k gold and silver yesterday there.

Gold at which altitude on Cardass?

I was between 15 and 20. Went again tonight. @RedY3

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This. I set up a mining hut at that level.

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