Finished Game Questions

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  1. When is it likely that Boundless will becomes released as finished game? Like no alpha/beta/etc. I know there will be a full reset when this happens so I am wondering how hard I should try to make a nice building…

  2. When this happens, where there ever be world wipes at any time? Like how a lot of building games wipe servers?

  3. If yes for above, how much time between wipes probably? And will characters be reset?

  4. If the amount of players in world becomes too high, how will this be fixed? Adding new worlds? If new worlds/server are made, could people transfer their characters over an keep levels/skills?

I’ll try and answer these…

  1. No official release date has yet been determined. If I had to guesstimate, it would be some time in 2018 (purely due to the fact that PS4 & PC/Mac will release at the same time and it takes a while to spin up the production gears on the PS4 side of things). I’d say, build away - you have some time yet :wink:

  2. There will be a complete “wipe” at release. Meaning, the current worlds will be taken offline and new worlds will be introduced. Characters will be reset also, so that all players start off on a level playing field (and no left over gumph from early access, like unlocking extra abilities and having millions of plots/coins). Beyond that, there should be no future wipes on the live worlds (but wipes will still occur occasionally on the test servers as new stuff is tested).

  3. See above.

  4. As I understand it, the worlds will only allow a certain (as yet to be determined) number of concurrent players on a world at any one time. If world populations become too high, new worlds will be introduced (for which I would assume of the same world tier that is currently experiencing overpopulation). My expectation would be that players would need to make their own way to these new worlds, in the exact same way that they currently need to when exploring new worlds within game.


IIRC James said that they will announce 1.0 at least six months before, so you have at least six months :grin: