Firewall ports and server FQDN

I am trying to allow access to the Boundless servers through my firewall. Can I please get the ports used and the DNS domain or the IP address range for the game servers?

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All connections are made by the client. So unless your firewall is blocking your own outward access then no special settings are required.

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My firewall is on explicit allow and defaults to deny. So, yes my firewall is blocking my own outward access.

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Create an exception for Boundless :woman_shrugging:

That is what I am trying to do. The firewall is a network device. Not a software firewall where I can tell it to ignore Boundless.exe when running.

Yes, but like James said, you are just accessing their servers/client/aws, There shouldn’t be any need to open a port or take any extra steps unless you or the person that controls your modem have changed the settings. Are you using your own ISP, or are you using work/apt wifi, a VPN…

I am connecting to the internet through a network firewall with only HTTPS open. Any other connections need to be explicitly allowed. I am aware of how a firewall works. I kindly thank you for for your time, but I do not need you to troubleshoot my firewall.

Correct me if I’m wrong … Isn’t AWS dynamic? Wouldn’t you have to open wan to all AWS proxies?