One suggestion I would like to make is being able to use the flint to make fireworks in game :slight_smile:

Flint + sackcloth + powdered gleam (or Dye) to determine the color


Dont forget stick.


Run around with a multishot sling firing in the air!


I do not know why that should be good? The servers already have problems when 3 people in a row throw regeneration bombs on the spot - how should that be when 20 people fire rockets into the sky?

Do as Ratchel says: Take a multishot bow and fire!


I like this but maybe for event item. Like new years and such


Regenation bombs affect terrain though, which is what causes some people to lag (lots of terrain checks between server and client to do).

An effect only “firework” wouldn’t have do do any of that.


Where do you want this knowledge from? And no - just throw a bunch of bombs on a spot without breaking anything ?! You still get problems! especially on the Ps4 it often comes to black screen or parts of the landscape, which is only black!

[Edit] If I throw several regeneration bombs without the world being damaged (so nothing mined or dug up), then nothing should happen - right? but it does … Various things happen! The picture flickers - It comes to black parts of the landscape or you have a total black screen! This happens on Ps4 - not just me, but quite a few others!


I believe a regen bomb does a check against every space in its radius, regardless if something is broken. It has to do that to see if the server needs to turn it back to its original state. Any time you throw a normal bomb, even if it doesn’t break the blocks it still has to calculate damage to everything in its radius. That also means checking to see if there is anything in every block within its radius.

With a firework, its just a visual. It doesn’t effect any of the blocks, so it should just look for collision. Shouldn’t cause any more issues that the cuttletrunk missile visuals.


That can be quite! My skepticism can not be taken from me! In a game where the foresight is extremely limited, I just can not imagine that everything would go so smoothly! But the game can teach me a better!


Don’t worry, the forums here will let us know when we need to be unhappy. :joy:



Damn … i really like that GIF! Hahaha :smile: