First attempts at rift forging!


My deck for these is appropriate gums, setting, deco 3, defect reversal, vigour 2, fate 2, protection 2, corrupted boon 2. (for sling I substituted special for invigoration 2)

I only deco’d maybe 4-5 times for hammer, and 2-3 time for sling.

Also, these were done as single forges, I usually stack 4/5 and have gone 9 a couple of times. It may just be a trick of the mind, but RNG seems less favourable the more items you try to forge at once!

Forging rift slingbow

Damage is amazing… but the energy drain is brutal. Be interested in seeing results.

Thanks for posting.


I might try the same but swap durability for energy saver.

The dura is reasonably high anyway.

Worth checking out.


Nice. Me and a guild mate got over 200 rift. But things were pretty cleaned out on the planet we went to. Hopefully I can get a mass craft going tonight. :crossed_fingers:


I actually managed to get enough for 2 mass craft of compact.

Mass crafted hammers and slings so far.


You must have got on early. Finding the first one was the hardest. Everywhere we went someone had already clear out a bunch. Was basically getting the toaster leavins.


@Fidach, forged tools and weapons?

But that Slingbow does look pretty nice… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yoink! That’s awesome that it’s the same tone as there extractor - nice design :fist:


Nice forging. You should sell those in Dzassak.

I will give forging them a go when I return to my nerd room.


Some interesting work going on there.
I’d like to imagine a day when such tools and weapons become part of the mainstream but I know that’s not going to be any day soon, and that’s as it should be.
That said been quite content with my speed aoe hammer on the new planets…plowing through stuff pretty easily (when I can find an untouched spot :p)


Nice ones!

Totally forgot about grapples and slingbows, sigh, will need to go back to get some more Rift!

And well done on the forges! No defects, no quirks!

I tried my first forge a lil bit ago as well, wasn’t as fortunate, perhaps shouldn’t have used draining boon, haha. At least they are probably rather usable, the quirks aren’t even that bad:

It did make me wonder some things…

There are NO chisels for these three ‘gem’ types even tho they used to be in the database according to

What if… we can in near future make power coils from blink, rift and umbris?
They could give machines a bit of extra oompf. Since they are the basis for 2 different normal gems they might be usable on 2 different machines. Limit still 24 coils per machine, but these, I dunno, double the power they give?
For normal machines it means you need less, less repairing to do might be a possibility!

But… for the Centraforge, 24 of them will seriously increase the effectiveness to forge these tools!

And BTW, anyone else notice that diamond’s effectivenes is back to 200 now? Was 197 pre-hotfix


I forged a Rift hammer as soon as I was able to make one. It went very badly lol — when I log on I’ll post a screenshot of it’s wretchedness :rofl:


Umbris is the ‘pre-cursor’ of Emerald and Amethyst. So an Umbris coil could work on Mixers and Centraforges.

And thought some more about it, what if each Umbris coil gives 1200 power?

It will jump the effectiveness to near 200, will make regular gems like metal tools.
It seems to be one of the ways they can create progression…
Plus gem tools will be so easy to forge then, yikes!

And for other machines, say you have machines now at 3600 power, that’s 12 adv. coils, you could then use 3 of these puppies! So much easier to repair!


My second attempts:

Less enamoured with those.

Trying to get anything decent in energy saver compromises everything else, I expected each level to take a percentage off rather than a fixed amount (like devastating damage puts a percentage on).

Taking 2 points of energy drain off per level on rift hammers is pointless, even if you max it you will still be at 48, and unlikely to have any decent effects.

I’ve some grapples brewing, will see what can be done with those.

cough cough ‘fortunate’ cough cough

It’s all skill I’ll have you know :wink::sunglasses:


Aww, they grow up so fast! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


*disclaimer: I am not a Certified Forger. Tools may have been harmed during this process. Use at your own risk.

Here’s my wonky waste of Rift lol:


How much you asking?


Sorry, I wasn’t planning to sell this one. If I make anymore, I’ll prob sell them cheap.


Oh no, was directed at OP :wink:


Oops :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol