First Boundless YouTube Video - Thanks for the feedback

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Removed this video from my channel. I’ll be uploading a long form review video of boundless in its place. It’ll take me some time to make though, I want it to be detailed.

I might upload other gameplay videos from my second boundless account during the process. Thanks for all your feedback and support, it is all appreciated. :slight_smile:


Was fun to watch, tall trees and holes :grin: welcome to kada1 lol

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Yea, I expected easy sailing. Having chosen a nice green patch of land. Man was I wrong. lol

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We always want more boundless videos :+1:


it was fun to watch :smiley: keep us updated about your journey :smiley:

you remind me my first day in Boundless, i started at Dzassak, my aim throw me at mountain peak, it took me around an hour to go down and find a flat area :smiley:

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