First Emerald Run

Hey all. I’m on Norkyna mining for emeralds. Some directed me to alt 12-15 for first run. Any other suggestions. No atlas mapped with emeralds, so…


I was frustrated as heck trying to mine norkyna for emeralds, and got guided to Shedu Tier. Also they’re very friendly with the lava on both planets :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re clustered more specifically than diamonds so I would recommend you either grab an atlas, or make sure you stick to a marked emerald mine.


yeah, just fell in by accident.

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Well on the bright side the death penalty goes away very quickly when you’re mining at high levels.


Best planet is Shedu Tier for it. If you have no emerald yet, bring and atlas and find a lake. Emerald spawn under deep lake where there is a fair amount of water block over the bottom. Once you find you first emerald just add it to your atlas and you will see the spots.

It also low altitude around and under 16.


What’s the easiest portal route?

Iconic route has mine portals at sheds tier

In case you didnt know you can also change gems from one type to their “sister” type. Diamonds=rubies, emeralds=amethyst, topaz=sapphire. Just compact them, place them on the ground and use a GEM transformation chisel to switch between the two.

But as they said above, shedu will be your best planet for emeralds. Norkyana has more lava compared to shedu imo.

Another thing to note is exo worlds can be your best source for gems if the right type of exo spawns.

What do u mean? Does iconic maintain mines on sheds?

Allways under desert biome.

@Ross IDK, you tell me

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is it public or accessible from hub

TNT also has mines. Here’s the trick with mining, you want VERY bright hot spots. Very bright. Dont waste your time on areas that dont blind you when you hold up the atlas. So, that being said. If you use a public mine, be sure to compare the hot spot to other areas on the atlas. This is no different for any public mine. Go check out a bunch and mine the bightest one.

If you dont have a gem, just PM me, I’ll give you a few of each type. But dont waste any time on a burnt out area.

I mine alt 5 and up for emerald and amythyst and tend to get more at lower alts UNLESS others have been mining at those alts over the last day or two. If you dont go below 5, you can break out the floor and trap lava

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I think amethyst is easier to get having a higher ratio…then compact them and chisel change them to emerald.


Yes, that’s generally what i do too. I like amethyst way better. Chisel changers are cheap as well