First House - Original Build

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I decided to challenge myself and build my house from the ground up, with no guide to follow, just the influences from the different houses I’ve seen thorough my life. So I decided to go for a modern style house. Went and struggled with bricks and glass.

So come check the house at Pixel Gate


Left Side

Right Side



“Living Room”




Garden & side passages


It looks really nice, keep it up !

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That looks amazing, just like everything else you make :smiley:

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I’ve been there 1 hour ago - maybe a bit more! Was looking somewhere to go on top of and have a view at the area and ended up in your house (didnt know it was yours back then). I recognize the stairs and the table with chairs and a lot of glass :open_mouth:

great stuff - not an easy one and time consuming (the glass!)

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Verry nice. I smell a house party!

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House much easier than the dragon, the materials though expensive or time consuming.

It’s looks amazing, I do want to check under those beds for gleam though hehe

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Stellar! :star: