First Look: Livestock Creatures

Hiya guys,

Here’s a look at the new characters all together in Maya and some screen captures of how they look in-game.

We’ve also uploaded a first look at the livestock creatures I’ve started to animated in-game - exciting times.


And you treated us to some chests too <3
Oh, and those animations… OMG so good!


Also! Welcome to the Oort forums/Nice to meet you @gerryjacobs ! Amazing work.


When will they be in the game?

I have Universal answer for you : “when its will be done”

Great job nice modeling and animations !

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You didn’t welcome me in the same way tho. Is unfair :sob: :sob:

:smiley: (i love Geraldine’s and Jim’s animations.Prepare yourself because much more is coming!)


Thanks Squidgy!!
Nice to meet you all too.
I’m looking forward to make more juicy anims in the weeks to come.

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WOW the graphics are so awesome in the screenshots, i hope that this graphics be more beautiful in game. I’m so Excited to play with my character in 3rd person view…i hope that i can control the camera distance view too.
I think the robe should be more big as i show in this image:

Do they open their mouths, or are they just kinda nuzzling the grass? Hard to tell from this video.

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1)Will chests be combinable, or will they be individual?
2)Can we put them side by side or do they require a space between?

We currently aren’t doing anything with cloth physics, so this would be a bit tricky. But it looks cool!

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Do you are planning to do this in near future?

so this is not gonna be a thing?

It’s an MMO Zouls, thats too much for an MMO xD

Nah, that’s not it. It’s that it’s an added layer of complexity that adds little to the game and a great deal of demand on the system.


the 2nd gif, black and white, tera online, an mmo.

so horrible argument, but i get what you mean, hopefully they will add what they think is important, but details are what shapes a game.

@ben now that you are here what about adding a thing like this when you log in

would it be too hard/take too many resources, or would it be something that you could consider?

Why would you even want something like that? This may look good at the first log in but after the 5th one I´d go to the forum and demand a button to disable this.
Not the mention the effort it would take to make this (imho pointless) feature.
IF something like this should come, then with the Oculus rift compatibility update in 2017 :smile:

to give a feeling that you are actually in the game, details mate, what makes or breaks a game. in general have a way so you dont just get in an instantly start moving or is like ‘‘oh now im here’’ but rather when logging in your character ‘‘wakes up’’ so to say.

Eh, pretending that you’re in the game doesn’t really require a feature though, does it? It’s not like SAO (I did finally watch it btw, excellent suggestion!) Where you’re actually in the game, but rather you control an avatar that can be what ever you want it to be. Now, something to make it feel like your avatar persists in the game after you log out, that could be cool. A standing up animation or similar could be cool and cheap.

ARK survival evolved does it, the character kinda looks around for a few sec when spawning into the game, makes it feel more immersive, but this is neither the right place nor the right time to discuss it, all im trying to point is that details matter.