First time seeing this in the sky

It moves across the sky and looking at it directly says nothing, but the normal “moon” thing is also there in the sky and this looks more like a star? But as the sunrise began, it started to fade. :man_shrugging:

If this isn’t new, just ignore me :stuck_out_tongue: – I’m just surprised I somehow never noticed a shiny orb like that moving across the sky before.


New feature from the update.

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yea its the exo planet you can see

Are you certain? This displays no info when looking at it. I’ve been seeing the current Exo like this:

Because you’re too far away to warp to it.

81 blinksecs is too far too… and looks like this.

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there is no particle effect, so that white orb is not an exo

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Not necessarily true. Could be a bug making it so the particle effect isn’t there. It’s moving around erratically. And actually from zooming in on the screenshots it does look like it has a field around it. I don’t expect the particle effect to be as prominent when 81 blincsecs away.

Yeah, that’s fair enough too. :slight_smile: Guess we’d need a dev to clarify what the UFO is. :sweat_smile:

On the first 3 screenshots I was on Trung by the way, and I’m not sure what the blinksec distance to Mande is from there.

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Try pointing your totem at it and see if any info is displayed.

I have the same from time to time , I imagined it was like a hint to new exos , but it is not an exo ,

Edit I have had this two days ago and Manda was visible and quite big seen from finata

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Can you share what planet you see the white orb most on?

I have only noticed it on finata

Trung was the first and last time I’ve seen it. Not seen it again since this post.

It’s the devs monitoring us from a fake moon for their entertainment, as seen in The Truman Show.

Good movie. Second best Jim Carrey drama, behind Eternal Sunshine, imo.


Mande as seen from Maryx

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