Fishing. Automatic vs Manual

Okay this topic is going to be about fishing and as the topic implies, in case Oort makes fishing, should it be automated or manual?

Fishing is a profession usually used as a time sink in many games, the fish are usually used for various cooking recipes and fishing might be chill

Most people know wow one way or another, but in this case i want to talk about the fishing system, it is actually really simple you use your fishing skill (which everybody can learn) to start fishing in a lake, when you use it you get a fly dangling in the water, you have to wait until it gets pulled under and then you have to click it to get a fish, special places gave special items or fish, such as rare fish that was hidden in ogrimmar and the coin fountain in Dalaran. this system was so simple that everybody could it, the places you could fish were limted by your skill, and if you didnt have the required skill you couldnt fish there. but although fishing was simple. it was so mindboggling boring that people always used bots for it

Manual Fishing: Torchlight 2.

This is a system i actually found rather cool, the system was a little harder than wows manual crafting and it felt more useful in the sense that the fish you caught would transform your pet for 5 minutes into another creature and some even gave permanent transformations for pets.

but the reason i like it was because of the system, the rings were how the fishing worked, when the ring was at the inner ring you had to click to catch the fish, the system would tease you so get close and then go back out, sometimes only a fraction of space from the ring but wouldnt count as a fish.

unlike wows unlimted fishing you could only fish a certain amount of times in all fishing holes (except the one in the main city) and you could throw a stick of dynamite down to only get half of the fish but get them instantly.

Automatic system: Lunia

Lunia is an old game that got shut down a fear years ago, it was actually really cool and quite the shame, but back to the point, the fishing system, this system was pretty simple, you went to the water in the town and then used a fishing rod… and that was that, you would automatically catch fish and then start fishing again as long as you were online, there were different rarities which gave more or less money depending on how hard they were to catch. they would stack almost up to a thousand fish so you didnt run out of space, this system was great for starting and then just letting it run in the background while you did other stuff.

Automatic fishing: Lost Saga

If you ever want to play a game where your team consists of a cyber medic, a spacetrooper, a boxer, a taekwondo master and a pirate vs an american footballer, a duelist, an assassin, robin hood and a dark shaman, Look no more!

game is seriously weird, but i do quite like the fishing system. fishing can be done in town plazas which are like chat areas that people can create, you need a fishing rod and then you need bait. when you start the fishing you get up a fishing box that will show how much stuff you can get before you stop fishing, you have to sell when it is full or you will completely stop, this system makes you able to minimize the game but still requires you to look back in from time to time to actually get something from fishing.

So that is basically my case, there are good sites to both

Fish will mean something because they cannot be automatically farmed
People needs to be present to fish, which also creates a relaxing gameplay element.

You can set your character to start fishing and then dont have to deal with all of the manual labor and insanely boring clicking once every 15 seconds.
It can be done so people can relax and chat rather than have to always use the mouse to click at the right point at the right time.

So what would you say? automatic or manual?


I would prefer fishing like Ultima Online where you cold end up in a battle and the drops have value. But, I will be fine with manual fishing like WoW. Automatic fishing is pretty bad to me. I love wasting time fishing in every game.

In mabinogi there are two options: you can choose to play a little minigame, if you win you get something and if you lose you get nothing. The second option was to just sit there and not participate in the minigame, your win/lose is random. So while the minigame wasn’t any fun, you had the option to guarantee success or just let the game run.


So a mix of them both.

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I would like to have a system like in Torchlight. It is simple, but a bit more tricky then the WoW-System. AFK-fishing would be bad in my eyes. I would love if the fish you get becomes “better” (or the chance to get one higher) if you have an exelent timing in that game.


FFXIV has a fun fishing. it is manual, but has different skills to push at different times. plus different baits to use in different types of water (salt/fresh). I would favor some type of manual fishing, as everything in the game is manual to an extent and I would really like and enjoy fishing if it was added.

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March 2015