Fist Power Grabber

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To the devs:
Regarding the power grabber, is there a way to make it grab not only the block it destroys but also whatever is on that block? (Plants/goo/etc). This would help in collecting goo instead of wasting grapples and falling every now and then.

Also, whenever i collected goo using the fist (by destroying the block under it), i always got 2 kernels (instead of 3 using the totem). This was on the very same planet and using the same character. Any reason for the difference?



It’s the same when you’re collecting any resource RedY3. If you break the block and not the actual plant then it’s either your luck or the gathering epic that isn’t taken into account… can’t remember which one or if it’s both sorry.

That’s sad to hear about the power grabber, this new exo got me thinking about the power grabber and I was going to go home and make myself one to try out on the goo, guess you just saved be some forging time!


Aaah true i see. Luck is applied to the broken block not anything else. If the fist directly breaks the goo/plants, this would solve the problem. Then, you wouldnt need to have powerful fists to break rocks (for high tier planets). It would then break the surface growth just like a totem. That fist had max range. Shame.

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Kinda sad. I haven’t been farming goo because I was waiting until I made a power grabber. I thought they were mostly useless until I saw what goo collecting was like. I do think they need to add this ability to give the power grabber a bit more validity.

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Good Lord, really? Ugh, I’ve been doing this since farming was a thing, it’s really useful for berries and goo but with no luck that’s a huge downer.

wakeNbakeNeducate it is now :joy:

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It always made me smarterer… no wait, didn’t even.

And hey I learnt something this thread too!!

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