Fist shape in Ancient Corruption

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Came across this on our newly generated T6 Chill Sov. Anyone seen this particular formation before?


Those were on McRib when it first came out. dunno if any left now.

Does it have the Dark Glass too?

EDIT: Near those was the first Dark Glass that we had ever found. Until we saw the spikeys on the other planet, where the Dark Glass farms are now


Here’s some Malurialakrib screenshots from November 2018, I think just about when it first appeared. :slight_smile:

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Aye, we’ve got a few areas with large dark glass blocks. Checking for a few more things then we’ll decide if she’s a keeper or not.

Yea, finding those was pretty exciting. THEN everybody had conspiracy theories about what James was possibly doing here… and they were ALL great wild theories :rofl:

Good times

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A recent EXO world had it too, I came across it.

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Nice! We found a second one on the same planet. Wondering if it spawns as part of a specific biome or is just random.

It’s a biome. Can’t think of the name at the moment though.