Fix guild systems... Pleeeeease.... 🥺

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I can agree about doing nothing to support that person and that they don’t deserve certain things for their actions. I guess for me knowing their root name does nothing because they can still build beside a person and many also just get second and third full accounts. I just look at the action and make my judgement outside of the name on the beacon.

I don’t see this guild root account feature as stopping any of that behavior. The only real was is for the Devs to start holding people really accountable to their actions and removing some of the people or things we’ve seen happen in the game that are clearly there to antagonize people. I think a harder hand needs to be applied both in the forum and game for some of the behavior.

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All a player that is trolling has to do is delete their main character and start over and you have no idea who they were. If a player is in the game just to troll then they will always find a way. (unrelated to your comments) I am not in favor of exposing a players main character via their alts using guilds or any other system.

Yes, this, so much this. I was flabbergasted that nothing would be done about to guild’s impersonator, not even a warning was given, nothing.

Have to say it really gives the impression you can do fk all in the game without any repercussions whatsoever.

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Part of the problem is you need a million ******* alts to play this game :frowning:

Not having alts is not an option unless your only aspirition is to be a silty soil farmer and nothing else.


Really you only need two characters to do everything. Course you would need to utilize the skill pages on them.

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Maybe. Maxing 5 skill pages is like a 3 month process though. My main char’s tabs are miner, T1 builder, regen resource farmer, T6 builder and working on Exo Explorer for the 5th tab… but then my 2nd char doesn’t quite have enough tabs to max all the crafting skills and be a centraforger where some crafting skills you must choose A B or C. So then I have a 3rd char for centraforge crafting, farming and whatever crafting didn’t fit on char 2… plus my 4th char is my T3 meteor hunter, working on T6 builds.

imma get a forging alt soon. meh main is for T4+ exoploring (joke i made) :rofl:

I was thinking that maybe PostgreSQL would be good to track my block/color inventory =) Web interface? Query: what do I have in color Deep Azure.

ie select * from block_inventory where color=?;

What is easier?

  1. come across a block/material in Bright Yellow, grab phone or open window on your pc, and look it up using a web interface, if it’s there already it’s not new and you have to store it somewhere in the game, if it’s not there you will have to store it somewhere in the game AND add it to the database


  1. come across a block/material in Bright Yellow, you walk to your colour sorted storage area and put it in there, you can then immediately see if you already had it

1 or 2, which is easier?

Granted, I do use lists to look up if a rock/gravel/etc. colour is one that is from a permanent planet or not. Might extend it by adding exo colours too but I could also just run to the colour storage and have a look if I need to be gathering it…

2 is what i’m working on, at least for rock and wood. I just don’t have all the colors setup or marked even, but i do have signs down for all 255, just replacing my default white signs with wood or stone signs of the matching color as I make them and adding storage blocks, plinths, shop stands too. Closed storage has complicated it. Too much can be hidden who knows where, and i haven’t properly labeled my initial storage area which i dump stuff from hunting and mining and gathering.

I didn’t initially label exo’s as exo, but I’ve been adding that to the number on my signs. I need a protocol for perm rock/exo wood, when just one is a perm color.

1 perm/exo