Fix guild systems... Pleeeeease.... 🥺

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First off I don’t think this is intended… if it is I don’t agree how it was designed and it’s so frustrating to work with.

First issue. Alts in guild, they are a mess, you don’t know who is who, you need spread sheets to keep track of everyones alts and permissions icons, contributions icons, beacons alignments, main Guild indicator is all confusing, hard to understand. Please make it simple and clear.

Solution: make alts be compiled under the same username. For example, my username/ID is Rumplypigskin, alt is Ethos. Have every character fall under Rumplypigskin in the guild roster. And In game, have the username faded, under their character name so you can see who is who.(or at least a option to display)

By looking at the roster you should be able to click on a person and see what permissions they got, whether they have the guild set up as their main and if they have any beacons aligned to the guild.

Second issue: logs, they are so messy, hard to see, too much stuff in a tiny window.

Solution: Remove logs from chat and put it in the guild menu under its own tab. I don’t care who is doing what and whatever but when I do, I want it compiled in one spot.

Third issue: guild chat, is super slow y’all know it is. But what I want is to remove all factions and guilds from the same section as is so clustered and having alts multiplies every single chat.

Solution: it should follow a simple form so when you click on guild chat, shows up all the guilds you’re in. You then click on the guild and then it will show only that guild chat. Please REMOVE faction chats. Give us the option to make them IF we want them. Is so cluttered though.

It would be nice if the guild tab/menu had a info page, message of the day that we could write in


I would be fine with a small area that people could enter TEXT in to provide the ability to make a note on a player and that might include their root user. I don’t agree with any part in the game showing who the root account is for Alt characters. Some people like to have their ALTs their own people and not be seen - oh that is Xald’s alt, etc.

So if people need to track that then give options via a manual text entry but don’t make it mandatory that everyone has their their other characters linked to each other. ALTs are their own people basically in my view.

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I agree with you…
Side note…PSN players walk around with their PSN name under their character name. I don’t think they have the option to remove it…could be wrong

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Then how would you organize alts in your roster? There might be people who like to be secretive but there are just as many who use alts because they have to. What about guild managers? As a guild manager it is really hard to track who is who, guild mates are not trying to be secretive they just have to use alts to do things. So maybe the root of the problem is alts.

I’ve played Elder scrolls online, in their guild system you only see the players ID in the guild roster, in my opinion is perfect, regardless of what alt you got and what you’re doing (I don’t really care) I am trying to run a guild here, give me the tools to do it properly. Or am I supposed to be using Excel and Google sheets to play this game? That was not advertise :stuck_out_tongue:

Same & yes please lol.

If the game grows & becomes the sandbox monster mmo that we know it can be…then yes. Yes, you will need to use google documents (some of us already do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:lol)

I already do, however when I ran in Guilds of war 2 and elder scrolls I never felt like I had to. Seems like when playing Boundless you have to heavily rely on outside programs to do some things effectively. I.e manage a guild.

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For some people it might be secretive motives but for me it is because each character is a different character. So it isn’t about “hiding” who it is behind the keyboard especially for those that might role-play some. It is a key need because we play the ALT as a person.

We organize our guild by the players in the guild I am in. Each person that applies is evaluated for what they do and what access they need. We don’t really care who the “keyboard person” is. Each ALt is just a person that is in our guild and who that root owner is means nothing really.

It all just comes down to how people look at this. Our guild didn’t mostly care about who the root user was and people could share that or not. We gave you rights based on your needs for each character alone. So there are some people that might have full access as one character but limited access as another.

I guess I just don’t understand the need behind needing to know the root user for your use case. e.g How it helps you to know that, etc.

I guess we don’t give random people permissions, we won’t accept people/alts in guild unless we know who they are, if they don’t go through the recruitment process then they are not allowed/get kicked. Sometimes by mistake when is a new alt, an officer sees it, they talk to that person owner and they get accepted, yet another officer reviews the roster but the alt is not listed anywhere. Boom, it gets kicked by mistake.

Currently I am having issues where people get their alts denied access to guild/removed. lack permissions on some alts even though they hold a high ranking in the guild because alts were not listed in their profile. Some alts needed to be kicked cuz the player is no longer in guild anymore and we wanna maintain slots open for guildies.

I get there are some role playing guilds, but what about guilds that are recruiting people not alts?


Yeah I can get the point of needing perms the same in this context if people created ALTs more as extensions of themselves versus truly different people basically. I do see some some cases the ALT could actually be a different person - like their kid - that is playing on the account.

But, I do agree that how you are linking it the way you are then you need something and shouldn’t have to use “google” to help with the game. So that is why I was on board with having a “note field” for each character that could be updated in the guild book or during their “application” where they could list their root account. Or if we did “show the root account” somewhere then I would at least want a switch in the options of the game where people can choose to show or not show that.

Overall I just don’t want forced sharing of the root account because they might actually be different humans or the person wanting to truly play the ALT as another person. So either text area or a switched options feature would be fine I think.

The only issue I see with that is that like now it requires the people to do it and keep updated and that doesn’t happen no matter how much I ask. That’s where grouping alts under the ID would help so much so regardless of alt I can leave a permanent note next to the name with things like their roles, or alt names but they could delete, create, change alt names… whatever without doing so much maintenance.

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Those are some good suggestions. I’d like to add maybe a scroll over the icons for member in the guild. I don’t know what any of them mean. Gleam club? Main guild? Pc or PlayStation? Green letters blue letters. :man_shrugging:It’s a bit confusing. If someone knows I’d love the info or a link to it.

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Yup… I’d like to know too. But I wish the game told me instead someone probably sat there with his friend, leaving, joining the guild, setting it as the primary, aligning beacons, changing stuff to figure out what is what.

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On PS4 we can see that a user is an alt of another user by checking their PSN id which is displayed whenever a username is being displayed.

This also happens on PC when the person is on your Steam friendlist BTW…

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It does, if you look at your friend list. But I was watching a stream a couple of days ago…a mostly PS4 player guild was hunting and everyone’s PSN id was visible under their character name, while they were hunting.

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Yeah Major mentioned that too. I can’t speak as to why that is there… It could be a decision Sony required or some reason the Devs put it there. Either way I don’t agree with that being there. If it can be removed I would certainly support that change.

Like I told @Rumplypigskin I do think it is needed IF people want to share that as long as it is optional. Based on his last comment, I can see how a “note area” would still cause a lot of management versus just having it show. So I’m cool if they make it an option in the settings area where people can choose to allow it or not.

Honestly I think the main account should be displayed. It leaves too much room for trolling without it in my opinion. And I know of cases(I’m sure you do too) where that’s happened. Leaves way too much anonymity.

Also it’s a Sony thing. I believe every online ps4 game has a way of showing the PSN name if it’s not already on display. I also think Xbox is the same way(not that they have this game). Switch is different as you can freely change your username.


From how I see it a troll activity is a troll activity no matter who the root account holder is. At the end of the day I don’t see how knowing that helps. Either they are doing stuff in a troll type manner or not. Those accounts or alts that do that should be removed. Us knowing just leads to us assuming that person might be acting that way even when they aren’t. Plus honestly we could have situations where people get along fine because they don’t know the real person and don’t bring their misconceptions for who that person is with them. We’ve seen cases where people get along in game but in the forums it is a fist fight… So I guess it can go both ways.

If they’ve trolled in any scenario I don’t want any of their characters near me at all. Nor do I want to step foot in any of their beacons. Don’t care if they no longer troll or not. One strike and I’m done with that person. People seldomly change. Merely play nice till they get bored again. Reason why I keep to myself in game mainly. I don’t need any problems near my settlement. Actually been debating closing all but one portal to my place so it’s not easy for people to find.

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:thinking: which portal? Lol @FireAngelDth