Fixed roleplay worlds?

Hey, I’m just curious if there are any plans for fixed roleplay worlds like they exist in many other MMOs as well. It would just be servers with some rules for the players who want to play on them like “no non fantasy names (no” killer assassin" or “want to hang you”)" or “no open chat about the real world” … I don’t know how to describe them better, but I would love if there may be such worlds. The question is how to separate them from the other worlds or how to handle with traveling between different world-types.

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how would you even control that?

Mostly the players chose if they want to play true RPG or just the MMO light version. So there is no intense need to control. In moments where people total annoy on the wrong worlds you may report them.

i think making RP worlds seems kinda exessive, especially if you will not allow people to be there just because of name, wouldnt it be better if they added an option to set ‘‘RP player’’ on when you play? so like you can click on a player.and you can see if they have an RP border on.

Or may be you can choose to set your character to a RP player and there are one or two RP worlds per tier which can only be visited by such players.

Only to have a visible badge would not be a solution cuz no player should have to behave only because there is one guy who takes everything a bit more serious near to him.

no but say i have RP activated and you see me in the wild, then we could play around with RP, and if i dont have RP badge you would know that im not really into those things.

i really love the idea of RP, the problem is just that you have to remember people will always be people, and no matter how much you RP it will still only be a game.

Private and private-modded worlds will probably fill in this role. Most roleplayers I’ve seen tend to prefer moderating their own roleplay environment, if they’re bothered about OOC. I see it turning out as the vanilla game being a mix of roleplayers and non-roleplayers, and those who want to enforce roleplay will invest in their own server worlds and keep non-roleplayers out.

Still, a little badge that lets you toggle betweeen “non”, “casual” and “serious” roleplayer might not be a bad idea. It’s easy to add and doesn’t really affect the game, but conveys useful information.

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I think what I like most about Role Play servers,
Is when a bunch of obviously OP players with the glowing masks and flaming weapons come up on a guy in his underware picking flowers, and have a conversation leading up to the enevitable slaughter. Rather than , you know, ganked and inventory raped and tea bagged and gone before the flower picker was done saying"Hiya Guys!" Even if it was “We are here for the land tax.” Then, perhaps, wait for a reply.

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