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I would like to suggest counter measures to avoid fights, in form of flashbangs, smoke bombs or similar.

Flashbang, you must hit close to a creature you want to affect. The creature would stop engaging any players and will be unable to detect them for a few seconds unless it is attacked. Letting you run away and hopefully be far away. The creature will be immune to this effect for a short while, say, a half minute, to prevent abuse.

Smoke bomb, you just use it on the spot. Same deal, but affecting all creatures and only towards you (still being able to detect other players). The creatures wont be fooled by your repeated smokebombs for a short while, but wont prevent them from be fooled by other players.

This could be tiered, so that low tier variants are less effective on high tier creatures.

The whole point of this suggestion is to create a window of opportunity where you can run away from a creature without it following you.

Also, I’m mostly interested in the effects, so the flashbang/smokebomb-items could be anything really. Blinding powder, confusion spell, nerve poison, temporary invisibility fields, etc.


There are rage/focus effects helping in a similar manner, but that’s high end.

So, this is a great idea for lower levels and it would’t need to be tiered far up the progression ladder. More like working together with rage and focus to create progression in fighting abilities:

  1. items affecting stout creatures,
  2. items affecting strong creatures,
  3. rage and focus effects for last 2 levels of creatures.

Just so we are on the same page, I’m not talking about threat management. I’m talking about disengaging creatures completely.