Flat offline World for/and Blueprints

Hey Oortarians!

Well I just thought about an small flat offline World, in wich you have some kind of creative mode like in Minecraft.


I don’t know how the Blueprints will work, but let’s talk about them as I think they could work.
So I think that Blueprints are an Item you can use like an Map, you take it in your hands, left-/right- click it and you see the blueprint on the screen. Okay so far so good.

The Blueprint will show you the full design of an building but how can you build an building if you only see the Finnished one? Well I would say you can make it with pages!
You see one Page, lets say the building has no Basement. The first thing you see, is the shape of the Floor, then comes the first blocks of the wall, or Windows if they are going to to floor.

Example: b1

Then comes the next Page with the second block’s above that. and so it goes on until it’s finished.

Maybe like this, but without objects inside the Blueprints and every part is on one seperate Page.

Example: b2

For me, the Blueprints would be only for the House designs, so you cant place objects (Tabels, Chairs, Chests, Beds etc.) in it like in b2.

It would be a lot of workto put in every single block to the right place, so I thought that this might be easier too.
Maybe you can use some kind of Identification block to just print (or copy?! Well I dunno ^^) it into the Blueprint.
I know this would lead to problems, like if you build in an forest and inside the area are leaves or logs. And thats why you can modify the “printed” Blueprint until you’re happy with it. You can add blocks, remove them, replace them, whatever.

Sure you can also do everthing by hand if you dont want to use some kind of Identification blocks. Those are not the only way I thought you could copy an area into an Blueprint. You may also use commands for that. how the command sounds depends on the devs.

(I forgott the rest I was up to while typing… if I remember it I’ll update the Toppic)

Flat offline Worlds:

So now to the World’s, what do you think about an flat world that is just for building strucktures? You can have any type of block exsisting ingame and build with it whatever you want. BUT You cant just save them inside your inventory to have it while playing online.

You would have an seperated inventory just for the offline world to build. You can make Blueprints ingame and then, however, send it to your ingame Character. It would be much easier to build it in the singelplayer world for that Blueprint, but you have to build that House ingame as well cause everything else would be cheating ^^

So I think I forgiott the rest for this to… well thats enough for now anyway :smiley:


not to sound harsh but ffor singleplayer worlds go play minecraft.

they have talked about making blueprint blocks, but i think your idea of making blueprints that you can toggle between the individual layers is a really cool idea, i think they should only constists of the blocks though, so if you make a house you can make a blueprint with how the house looks and which blocks are used, but with no furniture.’

you shouldnt be able to to just directly transfer all of the blocks to have an instant house, but it would be cool if you could place it somewhere (on the condition that the ground area is flat enough and nothing intercepts it.) and you could see the blueprint blocks

Well you do missunderstand me. I think of an small maybe max. 50x50 - 100x100 block big map. Just to make blueprints, you cant play in such an world. No onster’s, NPC’s, Flora, Tress or whatever. Just a place where you have everything to be abel creating blueprints of an house you want to build but dont have the resources to, also, if you’re not sure how the house should look like, you need way longer building it. Doing an blueprint first saves not only time but also materials you may be wasting.

Those yould be for example logs, you craft them into 20 wooden stairs and after you used them you choose to use only 12 of them but you dont have enough logs now to build the rest. (Just an example)

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well maybe. time will tell :smile:

It looks to me like you already have a flat single player world that you could use with creative mode to design buildings and even a way to get a kind of blueprint

Personally, I like to build into the non-flat environment. Just out exploring the worlds gives so many build ideas to work with the “roll” of the land. You know, like “Helms Deep” built right into the mountain.

Well there’s a big diffrence between both games, Oort online has some blocks you dont have in Minecraft. Also you would not be abel to print an blueprint out of it… Sorry but please think. I already said that the Singelplayer World is not for Playing, only to create Buildings… I could also call them Offline world oky I just rename it to offline…

What’s wrong with a seperate offline single player client? I see no harm in it.

that the entire game is build around being always online and the entire fundament is that you draw constant data from the server?

1, it’s called using your imagination
2, there are programs and mods that make it so you can get a blueprint from a minecraft build and there are also separate programs that can do this (even one called MS Paint at 8X zoom) this is clearly something you already know as your first post HAS a blueprint picture so just use whatever you used to make that

i think its good idea to be able to make blueprints like this that could convert to the blueprint blocks that they have talked about.

i am completely useless at building anything, i simply cant imagine something cool. so being able to buy blueprints from good builders would be nice.


The idea of blueprints and a flat small world for making them is good. I think there may be a market for architecs ingame. so why not. May be that you can “watch” a blueprint by traveling into it to have a look. So you can get a feeling for it and decide if you want to buy it or not :slight_smile:

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blueprints are actually one of the features I’m most excited for.
The way I think they will work best is if when in a beacon you switch into blueprint mode, where you have unlimited of every block, and can place and interact with blocks like they’re actually there. When you exit the mode you are left with a set toggleable outlines that indicate which blocks go where, that anyone can place the proper blocks into (regardless of beacon privileges.)

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well, may be you should add the option about privileges for it .Some people want to build it on their own to be able to say “WE BUILT THAT!!” :wink:

I think you misunderstand, I’m talking about blueprints specific to your property that other can help you build, but I think you guys are talking about blueprints that could be sold to others.

yeah, why not having the option to save the bp and sell it as an item (or copy it)? :wink:

Well you know, if you type in “Blueprint Minecraft” into Google, you will get the exact same pictures on the first site… What even makes you think I made this pictures?

I’m not sure how to answer this, cause I think you either dont get what an Blueprint is and how it looks like or you try to make an fool out of me. Well… either way, please don’t answer if you think thats an bad Idea or even hate the Idea. If you dont understand it just ask.

Exactly what I was talking about. I also think there should be an option to make an not-editabel copy of your blueprint to sell. That would be awesome ^^

But sure you are not abel to make an Copy of an Copy, so noone can buy it once and sell more copys of that on his own.

That sounds awesome! I really like that Idea! But for me, I think its better to have it like an object, one that you also cn place on a Tabel or a Wall to have it s decoration. That would make it an Double use! But with your Idea, you wouldn’t need the Singelplayer World ^^ Maybe there IS an way to implement both, Architecks can use the mode to create Buildings, will be abel to build it, print it ontu an blueprintpaper (or however it’s called) and sell the blueprint!

I’ll add my old idea onto this thread if you don’t mind. It’s about blueprints also.


It’s not my fault that you can’t figure out how to make the pictures you posted
I did type “Blueprint Minecraft” into Google
and I found 3 separate programs to make a blueprint image like that in less than 5 minutes

and imagination is simple
Minecraft has a lot more blocks than Oort so you pick similar blocks and use your imagination to compensate for the dissimilarities

and don’t you tell me to shut up if I disagree with you
I have every right to voice my opinion
At no time did I say that just because you have a different opinion than mine you should just shut up and not talk about it!


true words …