Floating Combat Text

i think so too :smile:
i love having addons, as long as they are not gamebreaking.

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I would prefer that we have combat first! ; )

Is it an absolute conclusion that we are going to have real time combat and not turn based or something else?

I like the idea of not doing everything on the status quo. Combat is probably more costly to get right than anything else.

turnbased is absolutely ruled out.

simple minecraft combat was 1% voted for in a survey.

easy to understand but still kinda skillbased was 44% of votes

and completely skillbased combat with headshots and the like was 55%

so its going to end in between those 2.

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BTW why turn-based combat? why not match 3 or something like that xD

Thanks, I was not suggesting turn based specifically more than avoiding the usual boring MMO combat. Either way, I will be fine, just hoping for something better.

I love that the team takes polls like that, but innovation does not thrive in polls.

If this game went turn based, I would stop playing immediately lol. I like the skill based combat. You have to aim your arrows or spells in order to hit someone.

i think it would be hillarious to make the game turnbased, cause i dont have the slighest clue on how it would turn out xD


Turnbased in an life action MMO without instanced Maps and Groups is just not possible. The only “varriable” in this is the speed of the fight. So are the actions all instand or have they a casttime. I would like to have both, but stronger skills should have a cast time and be interruptable by skilled players (and not only once in 30 secs, but faster if his skill build is made up for interrupting) … Also their should be good strategic options like control skills (slow down, pin, knock back, blind, …) so that the use of the terrain and the good skilled intellect is made a weapon to :wink:

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