Floating Combat Text

Just as the title suggests, should we get floating combat text when fighting to see damage numbers and buffs + debuffs? i would personally love it as an option atleast. the only problem i can think off is how to make it without cluttering up the screen to obvlivion, also it might take away some of the immersion from the game, as the devs of ESO said ‘‘we think its more important to play the game than to play the UI’’ meaning that the ui was minimal and you would need to look at mobs to see what was happening.

For those who dont know what it is, this is how it looks. basically everytime you deal or take dmg the numbers pop up.

thoughts on combat text? yes? no? any other ways they should show damage done and things like non obvious buffs and debuffs?

no :slight_smile: I think combat texts look really ugly :confused:


Fair. do you think we should just have visuel ques on things like buffs and debuffs then? i would be up for that too :smiley:

That would be cool :slight_smile: But maybe an option to turn them off

nah im talking about how buffs and debuffs should be done, if i get a debuff thrown on me i would very much like to know xD

Yeah I mean that the player has the option to change where things are :slight_smile: if I want the debuffs to be shown in the center of the screen and the buffs on the side I can change that :slight_smile:
I hope you get what I mean I’m not very good at describing things :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to have a “forcused Enemy” section in the HUD, so that I can have a look there for buffs and debuffs … For me it’s enough to see a blue or red aura around the enemy to know “that there is something happening to it”. Floating Numbers are not a must. May be just a special effect if I do very low damage (but that can also be done with a sound effect), so that I know I have to run or change my damage type :wink:

But a ‘‘focused enemy’’ system would require a soft lock system wouldnt it? or do you mean just by looking at it their character bar pops up?

something like “the next enemy near to the focus of my vision, if there is one”. the window may disappear after it’s dead or I look away for a while.

ehhhh whut?

If you look at a creature the window is shown … if you you look at another one it switches. But if there is no other it stays on screen as long as I look roughly into the direction of it.

May be there can be a hotkey to “focus the target”, just not for fixing the vision, but for keeping a status window for it :wink:

that could work. as long as it only keeps the bar and not shows things like position or automatically makes your spells and attacks move towards it.

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nope, no autoaim in Oort, please ^^

also only IF it is hotkey based, if i for example look at a pig and i want to pick a plant next to it i wouldnt want the Enemy info to stay up

May be it will be a “lock/unlock target info” button. If you unlock it, it shows just what you focus (the herbs if you focus on them) :wink:

I really like how ESO focused on that ideal of having combat, not a UI. It made it far more immersive compared to other MMO’s; and after it being my first, I sort of felt like I couldn’t go back from it. Instead of having text, there could be distinct visuals not for every single ability, buff, or debuff, but a class of them.

Ever played Warframe? Auras from the Eximus class enemy use a different visual effect based on the radiation type (fire, ice, electricity etc.) and have two different looks for each class depending on whether it’s buffing or debuffing the player and/or enemies/NPCs.

Overall, I just don’t like having all of these numbers and words cluttering my otherwise immersive combat. A solution that works for everyone would be having either words/numbers or visual effects. A trade-off, possible through an option in which players could choose whichever they wanted.

If not initially implemented, combat numbers will be modded in. I say make it a toggled feature, like the rest of the HUD.

perhaps instead you could have some other visual indication of how much damge you deal, like how many peices are flying off this rock monster when I hit it?

Id like damage text, just not the one pictured above. If it had a clean look to it that’s fine. Just make all UI elements able to be toggled.

That’s MSBT from WoW! I use that, haha. It’s a pretty neat idea. Maybe being able to make addons for the game so that people can customize their UI would be nice.