Floating Island Build (Progress)

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Goooood day everyone!

Inspired by Naeah’s and Quimby’s posts, I decided to make this one! I did wait long enough to have some progress xD. Hopefully I can stop being too picky and make more progress soon xD. Fun fact, this new floating island is build on the location of one of my old bases. Bad precursor already haha.

It had to be Gellis for it’s awesome colors and for being a T1. I chose a wide lake where a floating island would make sense and not be too close to the water or other mountains. It’s proportions had to make sense. I then built the 20x20 flat plane on what I think is a suitable altitude (fingers crossed 20x20 is big enough xD).

After asking on the forum for help with the build, DreamIn (@antonius025) did some quick magic.

More advanced magic:

Then came my turn to trim the land to look more like an island:

Then I started shaping the rocks/sides, filling gaps, changing some patches, adding some foliage, and illuminating the lower part so it shows up at night! Fun fact, took about 700 diamond torches to light up:

Maybe in the future I can chisel some of the rocks and add some iron/copper/fossils/etc seams (local Gellis stuff) to the bottom part to further make it look like a real part of Gellis is floating. Forgot to mention, all the colors used are local Gellis colors for that purpose!

Then shaping the top soil started. This part was a pain because I couldn’t decide on some factors:

Then planted the grass:

The soil area is the real base area (along with the empty bottom cone part below the land). I have a rough idea of what the build needs to be like but no idea how to make it or reach that. The future will tell how things will go! xD


Great progress! Floating islands are a lot of work to build anything of any amount of scale, I never finished one despite trying a few times, i wish you all the best to get it finished.


That’s looking awesome. :ok_hand::+1::+1:


Thank you! I would say the hardest part of making a floating island is gone now. Adding flowers, more grass seeds (to make long grass), chiseling rocks, and all those details can be done slowly. I like putting small goals and working on them every now and then. The truly big obstacle for me now is the base design. The island’s overall image is how I have pictured it all the way since the beginning. Great views, green lands, decent size, and a believable lower part. Now the base is left! My main issue is… it is overwhelming… so many details… farms… storage… future proofing in case more content is added, and etc :laughing:.


that looks really good.

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That is an ever moving goalpost, although one that hasn’t moved for a long time now, still you never want to make yourself into a box without some extra space

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Thanks! Hoping to combine the clean white marble look with the natural green grass to get the desired final look! Still processing it in my head :grin:

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Appreciate the kind words!

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I also like that you are building on one of the worlds I feel safe to run around and look at new builds, so there is a possibility of me coming across this build when I do so :slight_smile:

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I try to tell myself that… that I can’t just wait forever to know everything and build a base with everything planned and taken into consideration. Will see how I can implement this in this base. My biggest fear is the mesh limit as this base has some verticality to it (top land and lower empty cone part).

Been always a Gellis man. Can’t be bothered with atmosphere protection while in my base or annoying cuttles. Especially when my base has a risk of never being completely built :joy:

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Hell yes my man! That looks incredible! Already excited for what’s to come!

Also, I just realized your name could be pronounced Redwhitetree :thinking:


Dude this looks dope.

I’m very curious what you used to base the island off of. I may want to make additions to my mountain.

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The tax of not being too creative with names and wanting to quickly try the game before the 2 hours refund mark set by Steam :joy:.

Great work so far!
I love floating islands and this one is already very impressive. Design and size are just wow.

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I conveyed the general idea of the shape I wanted to DreamIn and gave him the freedom to build it how he sees fit. I have no idea how he planned it to be honest. I did like his gleam rings idea though as they help visualize how the parts are going to connect without having to build the entire walls.

If you’re asking where I got the island shape idea from, it’s the voxel floating islands art on the internet.

Thanks thanks! Wait until I have flowing rivers and waterfalls, flowers, more grass, more ambient light on the grass, and much more! :star_struck:

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Wow ! :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:

Amazing job. Looks so good from below :star_struck:

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Far distance doesn’t do it justice. The layered grass on top looks better in person. Also, I have hanging foliage from below that isn’t clear in the pictures.

Build can be visited through TNT Gellis > RedY3’s Residence (my current old base) > only portal to the left (to floating island).

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Something I have always wanted to try, and am too chicken to start.

Great job! Good eye on dimensions too :slight_smile: