Flotation Pies are wrong

I just think that honestly Flotation Pies don’t quite do what I think they should do in the game- I would think they should lower gravity’s effect on you. I would love to eat a pie with the max benefit and suddenly only have 20% of gravity be effecting me. I think this would open up a wide dynamic of things you could do- enabling us to grapple to something and fling ourselves off into orbit would be fantastical & I think could help be the solution for “flying” in this game. Just pop a pie and really glide through huge cities by jumping off the tallest buildings and enjoying the smooth ride down.

EDIT: I’m adding this part to discuss what I think the different foods values should be to clarify that not everything would make you completely weightless.This allows you to control your dose and how little gravity you want… :laughing:

Floating Broth: 5% gravity loss 1m jump height added, fall dmg -50
Floating Stew: 15% gravity loss 1m jump height added, fall dmg -75
Floating Porridge: 30% gravity loss, 1m jump height added, fall dmg -100
Floating Loaf: 50% gravity loss, 2m jump height added, fall dmg -150
Floating Pie 75% gravity loss, 2m jump height added, fall dmg -200


Elite wildstock hits at .2G …

Meteor is finished before you get back :rofl:


I think it’s interesting, but no more than 50% gravity lost - to have the floating move and feeling but still be able to bounce around rather than float in slo-mo.

that’s a risk you’re just going to have to be willing to take. :laughing::crazy_face:
Also the effect could scale down with what you’re eating so if you’re eating loaf or porridge, it’d of course wouldn’t make you as weightless. I’m editing the original post to include what I think the different food should do with gravity. Thought I should make that a project while the servers are down for a bit.


I’ve been wondering why the effect didn’t seem to jive with my excitement before eating a floating loaf. (ew that sounds gnastly)

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:joy: that almost made me die laughing.

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A hopper launches me into max height…
I find myself in the sanctum launched out of delta cancret!


Fall damage reduced needs to be a percentage based on how it’s taken.

I do find this idea rather interesting.

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I agree flotation pies should work sort of like the floating mutation in fallout.

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People want to keep complaining we don’t have enough mini game things we could do- well with this you could see how good your launch really is and try to sling yourself sideways through obstacles and have it be a real challenge


There’s a huge collection of challenging amusement park and tv show sets and historical events in Star Nation on Pheminorum to try this with. There’s a portal right from TIGG’s Tunnels Pheminorum stop on the Tan line from Kada1 (which is on the purple line).