Flower size

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Hi, I’m trying to use flower to decorate my place.
But i can’t seem to make them all to have the same size
Is there way to make them all have the same size?
I noticed not only flower is “behaving” this way but other vegetations as well


Nope it’s randomly decided in the seed or in generation so a flower in any particular block will be exactly the same every time you place it.


This is unfortunate. I had wanted to line my walkway with rosetta nox plants, but they don’t look consistent.


If you use a chisel it should change the flower size, I think.


I think chiselling only changes rotation not size, I could be wrong though


I just tried it to confirm, and yes it just changes flower rotation


Thanks everyone for the help


I went and did a lot of spiritual work and learned to embrace variety and see the beauty in non-uniform design. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately some people have ocd and need them to match. That’s why I won’t use them as decorations. In fact when I was hunting last night the platforms were really bothering me. They have a design on the floor that’s matches on both sides but then have the door off center even tho the gleam design would look more like a pathway to the door.


Some of the new crops look like flowers and once they mature they do all look the same. Also they require no care and will not wither. Might be an option