Flowing Water Sound Effect


Hi everyone!

Since water is being added to the game (and before the update goes live), is it possible to add in a sound effect of flowing water (for waterfalls for example). That’d be nice to hear while passing by my indoor waterfalls :sunglasses:.

Now i did try to listen closely in the test servers and there was a sound of flowing water but it was baaarely audible to be noticed.



I need my river and waterfall ASMR in game!


Finally someone who knows this. YES PLEASE! haha


could be an ear-harashment if you go to Houchous’s lakes … BROKEN LAKES.


I would say “broken” depends on how we perceive things ought to be. Since many things here are far from the norm (floating rocks, pillars of water, flying octupuses, etc), id say those broken lakes might very well be normal in the Boundless universe :joy:.


depends on what sound they use if it make noize like loosing the antenna signal on oldscool tv i am out if it sounds like a japanese garden im in


I have huge trust in the devs to make it right if they decide to implement it xD