Fog effects too reflective?

Not sure if it’s a bug exactly, but weather effects reflect light far too much, I think.

This is inside, completely enclosed, picture taken within seconds of each other:

It actually looks even more glarey on the screen than it does in this picture.


my storage/workshop

i have some effect

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its being lit by the skill-based light source/held-lights no?

no idea, kinda hard to turn off your skill light to check. But yeah, its to reflective for me too.

@lucadeltodecso, yes seen the effect on Cardass, reflection from my held light source, once unequipped I was able to see farther again.

By forge effect.

My 2 pictures, the only difference is holding a totem with glow forged on it.

I also think that in some places that fog has some hard edges… Like in the screenshot Zjawcia posted, right under the radar to the left’ish right to the white gleam