Food/Potion Buff Conflicts

Is there any post or notes that someone might have that shows which foods conflict with other foods/potions?

I have a habit to use a food or potion and then try to stack another one and 95% of the time it wipes out the previous buff… lol.

Any tips?

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I think it’s easier to list the ones that stack.

For the most part If a buff has an “effect over time” any brew buff will replace another brew buff, any food buff replaces another food buff.

Exceptions are “instant” brews. And also revive brews stack with other timed brew buffs.

I’m not aware of any food buff that is stackable or actually, ‘instant’ :thinking:

Perhaps someone could list more, I don’t use a wide variety of food and brew really.


I normally only use starberry pies with either speed or strength brew, depending on my equipment.

But it would be interesting to see what others would combine and use.

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well im using starberry pie with speed/str brew on farming and healing bombs to heal myself, never tried healing potions along with brews becouse im still not sure if using heal potion dont remove other brews effect

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Same as others in this thread, I use starberry pies with either speed, strength, or innocuous depending on the activity.

Healing, cleansing & revive brews can be used without negating the other buffs.


thank you, good to know :smiley:


Have you seen brew replace food ever? I thought I had a situation once where it did but can’t remember… do to that situation is one of the reasons I don’t even use food/brew much. I’m wanting to change that hence why I’m starting to ask around.

After seeing some of the responses I’m not also interested in what people usually use in their various activities through out the game. We have so many food/brew options but it seems people many times only use a few.


Not heard of food negating brews. But I mostly use pies and brews. I know you can only have one meal buff active.

Careful if you use health brews with other brews active. The instant healing is fine but any brew with healing over time will negate one of your other brew buffs. Found that out when it replaced a Speed brew buff after just drinking it :rofl:


Reviver brews stack with other brews.
Instant heal brews can be used with other brews as well.
Any brew that gives a timed buff icon on screen will bump other timed brew buffs.

And eat earthyam foods(stews/pies) to not lose food buffs and fill energy.


I’ve never seen this.

The brews I haven’t used are rage, focus, nor any of the holiday weather brews. I don’t recall ever using the calming/aggravating ones. I know the kraken (holiday) brew buff works like the others and will remove an existing buff.

Also I just confirmed that eating an atmospheric protection food will also remove any other food buff you have on. I’m still not aware of any food that gives a stackable buff like a reviver brew does.

Instant heal brew. Smoothies sometimes, if I get stuck in a meteor or something. Kraken brews, also speed or strength as desired. That covers 99+ percent of my regular brew usage.

Starberry pies - these days, more than anything. I don’t honestly remember the last time I used a persisting food. Teaching pies, whenever I’m crafting. I use floating pies regularly if I’m out exploring or just running for fun. And I usually have some earthyam soup or stew on hand for hunger/energy.

Really the only time I mess around with other foods is if I’m on a group hunt. I’ll use a shielding pie, or on some occasions a criticaling pie.