Footfall farm

It doesn’t quite work like this, though. For footfall. You can ride the ride over and over but each avatar only generates footfall on your beacon once per 24hr.

If it’s the same avatar every day i think the amount reduces over time for that avatar, on something like a 1 week cycle. There are some tests around here regarding that.

The slides do work though and it’s way better than the mazes that you have to run through. Especially once we had the shop scanner and people started hiding “deals” inside the mazes, ugh.

Slides are no work to ride and lots of people like to ride them now and then. Especially if you build in some ramps and whatnot. Didn’t think of mentioning it earlier since the fights over slides were WAY WORSE than anything over the collaborative mazes.

But honestly sovereigns completely solve that :thinking:

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I think it would be more expensive to build than what you’d earn, with the current player base.

Edit: at least for a while

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The footfall slide that worked was the one that Jacey/someone else had was because he would take everyone through the slide before hunts everyday. And that was when there were 50 people going on hunts daily. And sometimes multiple times a day. So you’d get a lot more different players going through at different times. I still think this could work fairly decent. But there are so many better ways to make coin.

I’m pretty sure that one was actually 3 slides connected with portals. And a lot of people had alts as well so you’d get multiple footfall for each character.

Good luck if you do try and build one. :v::beers:

The multiple slide one was on Circarpous. Part of it was still remaining relatively recently. (It might still be there, but I’ve not checked recently.)

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Yeah that’s the one I remember.

How about a footfall glide track? It can be connected to any settlement on any planet? All you gotta do is hold down “jump”?

(You can connect glide tracks through portals)


Awesome! I’ll use some of them awesome ideas in my current project!

If someone had the time to make a series of slides on a sov you could probably slide/portal your way along an entire experience planet in minutes. It wouldn’t take any more portals than the region XP farms, I think.

If you were building 32 plot slides you might be able to slide from some regions, to the next.

It would be low prestige though, you couldn’t even let the beacons merge for combined prestige if you wanted the slides to work.

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you mean region xp slides?

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Yeah a slide can be at least 32 plots long, this might sometimes get you from region to region.

Then the portal to the “top” could be the top of the next slide, sometimes a third region.

Depending on the layout it could actually be less portals to maintain. But you would have to travel the whole thing every month to fuel it.

EDIT: After thinking for a sec I scrolled the thread. Since it got on the subject of footfall farming in general I forgot the region XP farm since it’s a recent meta. It does require a platform in every region.

It has the same issue though making a ton of tiny settlements really spreads the prestige. I’m not sure how lucrative it is in practice.

Last time i saw there where just a few random floating slid plots.

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But if you just make the slide the entrance to … say … a sovereign from its portals (ie, all portals drop you onto the slide) then you could easily ensure that lots of folks get easy money. Whilst not making it a farm, per se.

You could also easily allow access to the portals with a one-block higher platform that is also one block away, which folks just drop into the portal to go in the opposite direction.

If I ever make a farm it will use a glide track. :slight_smile:

Might be a good use of a beacon on TUTORIAL, tbf.


Is that the sovereign planet? If so, i’ll be up for building some stuff on there for sure


It is! @majorvex’s brilliant thing. Although I don’t think a footfall slide would be appropriate there … your glide thing would be a GREAT little thing to have there.

It’s like a much better version of what I wanted to do with Boundless School. :slight_smile:

I’ve already started to make an OVIS Lift / Elevator demo (which I need to edit the walls to something less imposing on) which is also a demo on how to do a super compact colour storage (with room to expand).

It’s in early stages, but I’d happily give you full perms to edit / improve, since it is your design, and I wouldn’t want to do it a disservice. I plan on including the demos that I had at Boundless School there, too. Maybe even use the colour storage rooms to do that, I dunno.

But I feel like we’re going off track (pun intended) here … probably best chat elsewhere or PM/DM on it.

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That old footfall slide with portals would kill me constantly,as I slid down at 5000mph and the portal was too slow to open. :nauseated_face::face_with_monocle:


I bet it was made by @Bethlehem … it feels like a @Bethlehem kind of thing to do, maybe with a lava pit behind the portal, in case you lucked out and glitched right through it. :wink: :smiling_imp:

Nah, it was way too tame for Beth to make. Incidentally, I made a slide in Ceph a little while ago that led down a hole to a refinery workshop. I designed it to almost kill anyone who went down the slide. I got reported for that haha! Well, I was reported because of a sign outside saying Slide On In. 🤷


I slid down that to my death, but I never reported it. I was too busy laughing!


I really love your idea with automated footfall farm. Let me know if you are going to build one.

Blockquote It doesn’t quite work like this, though. For footfall. You can ride the ride over and over but each avatar only generates footfall on your beacon once per 24hr.

But how about putting few different individual beacons owned by same player? Would every beacon generate a separate footfall? If yes than that could work.