Footfall farm


I wanted to ask if anyone knows a good footfall money farm.
I got back to the game after a long break and I remember that back in the day there were some special footfall farms where each player had just 1 plot and they had to go through entire thing to collect money and generate footfall for others.

Do you know any place like that?
Also, what are the other way of making good footfall money?

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I haven’t seen anyone try this (doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen) at any scale since Ginabean left.

Most of the players left playing the game enjoy the game itself and there don’t seem to be many players trying to actively force/farm people for “passive” income.

It was always a ToS violation anyways.

I’m only aware of one way to make “good” footfall money. Own one of the 2-3 most popular hubs in game, or a popular mall. In either case it has to be broken up properly, split between alts, etc … and kept active long enough for traffic to become organic.

TBH that barely works anyways and the people I’ve known who have done it end up having to subsidize footfall even just to keep enough portals open to maintain that sort of organic traffic.

Since most of us can invest a couple of hours of gameplay and earn more than any of my avatars have in footfall over almost 4 years of playing (this includes owning a TNT planetary hub for over 2 years) - it’s easy to understand why nobody messes with this.


Thanks for info.

I do realize that footfall is not a reliable source of money. I just want to get 500k for the achievement and feats. So I’m just looking for any good idea how to set up a beacon that would generate any reasonable income. Any ideas and tips are welcome.


Owning a decent shop that is connected to the networks can be a good thing.


Yes open a shop, stock it with something people use a lot of and put portals to at least 2 busy hubs.

You have to be active because each week your footfall rate drops if the beacon owner doesn’t visit it. After 4 weeks you stop receiving footfall altogether.

If you’re not into forging, people use a lot of glass, some prefer the materials to make it. You might also do well with a brick materials shop, I’ve seen a successful shop (selling out a few times a week) that sold nothing but ash and clay soil before.

EDIT: Just checked, and I got that achievement 2 years and 1 day after I started. I’m pretty sure it was due to having the Raxxa TNT hub for nearly a year of that time already.

Best way that I did was make a shop up to 250k prestige and sell everything I get from hunts in the shop except the Oort. Took me about 2 months to get the achievement for it


Bones and blood get bought a lot of you sell at 4c and turn the tallow into fresh essence and sell it at 3c

I Don’t think Footfall farms exist anymore xD best fastest way I can think to get half a mil fast is selling rough Oort

Thanks for feedback!

I’ll probably open a shop. Also, how exactly prestige level works? I know that the bigger prestige rank I have the better the footfall coin value is. Is there any way to become a part of existing settlement to gain prestige level of “Great City”? Or only my own plots count towards this?

This is the way.

By the time you could become a great city solo you’ll have put in quite a bit of time.

You can get a shop in a mall, but also many of the great cities in game are run by fairly welcoming people and/or guilds. If you’re moderately sociable, finding a busy spot for a shop shouldn’t be hard.

Just wanted to point out getting that achievement means you have to gain that coin directly into your toon. It doesn’t count when it goes into the guild directly. (Still haven’t got it).

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Just go on a few hunts, they are advertised in the chat channels. Sell everything to request baskets, and you will have those 500k within a handful of hunts.
Probably the fastest way to do it, unless you have a ton of really good hammers and the full mining spec to boot.

They’re trying to get the achievement for earning 500k footfall.


Fair enough, I did not catch that from any of their posts :joy:

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Could there not be a ‘footfall slide’?

Just a super-long slide somewhere where everyone that cares about it owns a single plot, but can go up and down to the sky and back filling it with all sorts of nonsense to make their slice of the pie super rich?

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That has been done by a few groups in the past, and were super fun!

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I mean, I can imagine it would completely ruin the visage of a home planet … but might not be as offensive on the eyes on a sovereign. :slightly_smiling_face:

so you could make an afk foot fall generator than?
Have a slide, slide through many beacons make a portal at the end to another slide at the top and than just have another portal at the buttom to portal back up?

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i can pre-build this on THE FUTURE for everyone to join so they just need to claim a plot



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