Footfall Redux


@majorvex I know and I appreciate your support. My comment was not directed at you or your mall. It was more or less a perspective of what is considered a Footfall trap and just different perspectives. :blush:


It doesn’t sound fair, but I think it makes sense if it is disincentivized in order to encourage more meaningful cooperation and/or gameplay. The 10k prestige threshold is such a low investment when such a small beacon gets a payout = to a Great City coin per visitor level. “They already built the place” doesn’t hold up that well in cases like these, and there are quite a few by now.

Perhaps a secondary “Chrysolytic Conversion Matter” fuel slot would make it a simple upkeep step after materials are gathered. Visit the beacon and pop it in. No gold fuel, no footfall. If you’re not showing up to play and claiming with intent other than footfall, you don’t get a payout for land speculation every week just by showing up.

inb4 “pLoT aLL yOu NeEd”, I just observe a lot of inconsiderate behavior centered around footfall, and consider land speculation a thorn


Maintenance of buildings because of “wear” ?:open_mouth:I do a lot of building and do plenty of maintenance on my machines due to said building as is. This is an acceptable part of gameplay. Maintenance due to “wear” of settlements/ buildings will cause a great deal of micromanagement. This does not sound like fun gameplay.

If I’m using someone’s farm or mine I’m very happy that they are earning coin from my footfall. Occasionally I even take a step or two in a neighboring resource portal that I’m not using to show a little footfall love. I’m also happy that someone is earning coin from my use of their portals, malls, shops or exotic looking buildings. I’m benefiting from their work/ gameplay. Why would I be mad that someone else is making coin? If I had a better reason for people to visit I would probably make more coin but that is not my current gameplay.

I don’t believe that my personal earnings of footfall are that significant but am relatively pleased with the last changes made to footfall. It’s like a small dividend to me.

My only suggestion is to allow coin to be earned by friends and guild members footfall. (Not including alts although I would benefit lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

My reasoning for friends and guild members is because a guild or player shouldn’t be penalized for collaborative/ social gameplay.


It’s a common misconception regarding friends and guildies not leaving foot fall. They both do. :blush: So get out there and be friends with everyone… except @JaceyLive he’s maxed. :wink::crazy_face:


The wear machine could use coin to maintain if you don’t gather materials, and it could be set up to return overall coin gains to approx their current levels


Oh don’t remind me :joy::joy:


There’s a max number of friends?


Yeah, it would be dangerous if it was unlimited. You could start thinking you are liked by everyone.


There are easy solutions to get rid of some! Start a suggestion thread :joy:

I kid, I kid :smiley:


brilliant!! :rofl:
never thought of that… haha


But isn’t that the same as adding a tax on footfall. Cause I don’t really see a difference :thinking:

I agree the 10k threshold is easy to achieve if you’re rich. And if it’s in a big city the payout is good. Don’t really have a solution, and I don’t personally care that much since I don’t rely on footfall.


Yes, somewhat, an effort tax. But with the caveat that your over all foot fall earnings are way higher.