Footfall Redux


I think that’s a good point. I would hope that this person would’ve opted their beacon out, but yeah I think that could be a risk. I suppose my answer is similar to people who are tired of being near a gleam club beacon that was never finished or that is ugly. You may have to consider moving?

I doubt that’s a very satisfying option. But I don’t see anyone being willing to circumvent gleam club with this wear.


More people playing means we could implement a new repair tool and people could just run around and repair the builds for you and siphon 2-3% of the daily FF.

You know there would be people running around all the time patching and repairing holes. Now I’ve just amused. Imagine servers maxed out at 80 each with a bunch of folks running around fixing things to get started or recoup their smaller expenditures. :joy: is definitely watch from the sanctum all day


That was a very black or white way to write that statement, I admit, but I’d say you could have builds that incorporated beacons in a creative way to monetize the parts you’re willing to maintain but preserve the parts you’re not.


I actually LOVE this idea.

  1. It’s a much more satisfying solution to @Aanika’s concern, and
  2. I would love to be a ronin mason, just running around repairing old builds and earning a little rogue coin here and there. As long as it were something like a spanner that I hit a block in the beacon, have the correct blocks in my inventory, and there are blocks that need replacing.


I agree this would be a great add to the game :slight_smile:


As someone who has very little time to play, this idea puts down two options.

A. Footfall doesn’t belong to anyone without a lot of play time, or

B. your build can just constantly look run down and incomplete because you can’t play everyday.

Ideas like this are entertaining when well thought out (like this one, kudos), but I think it will just push away casual players by forcing them to do chores on a daily basis before they can actually play the game. I mean, I would literally spin my character around three time to “pre-dry” bricks before baking if required and be happy because I am an addict, but most casual players aren’t as forgiving on things that become chores.


Builds far from hotspots would never get “fixed” :sweat_smile:


I supposed I’d add that the extreme case should be complete replacement of all blocks (statistically) once a month at the most extreme levels of visitation. So if you’re a high prestige, but low traffic build, then you shouldn’t have much decay at all. It could take months before losing blocks.


But what would have extreme levels of visitation? It’s going to be really busy areas that have a lot of people that are interacting with each other, and that build more than likely is already requiring a lot of maintenance to get all those people there


I can see this turning into a boundless nightmare for you.


Yes it would be a nightmare for me because I am already spending more time playing this game than I should(by choice bc I enjoy it so much) and I can see that anybody that runs a hub of any sort or Hunting Party would also probably have an issue


Sorry if this has been said already. But I’m tired and should have been asleep hours ago so I just skimmed most of this.

I’m not a fan of the proposed idea for the fact that I’d have to spend my FF on the mats to keep earning FF so it’s essentially no different than just removing it. And yes I could make the blocks myself but depending on what blocks they are depends on the mats. Which mean there’s a good chance I’ll have to buy the tools or weapons I need to go and get the stuff to make it. Which then also means less time for me to do the things I actually enjoy.


Yeah, but the rewards would be significantly higher than what you get today.

I DO think the machine idea to reduce the monotony is a good one. My instinct would be to say that with a machine implementation, the rewards should be lower.


Ummm I don’t know that me running by an area and just seeing it as I passed by while I took note that it was dead was “using” it. So I wouldn’t say they deserved anything… in fact I would probably push that they maybe need to go away. We have way too many dead, barely used existing areas in this game that need to go away… foot fall drives people to keep builds and things just in hopes to get a few coin.

As for the active ones, if I use them it is fair to say that they deserve compensation for the service they provide. I don’t agree that footfall is the mandatory and only way for them to get that. I also feel if they are providing a service that they need to have to work constantly in a variety of ways for it beyond just fueling Oort and the area they have should have some level of wear because of the traffic it gets. If you have a business you have to pay for that benefit in a variety of ways.

Ultimately, though, I don’t think this thread is the right one to try to explain and develop the more advanced income/business operating expense/economy model that might be helpful to the game.


I play Boundless and I tell everybody about it because I really love playing the game. It’s fun.

Personally I’m not a builder and when people tell me my stuff looks like crud that’s fine, maybe it does. I don’t care to build anything to get footfall or power. I was just playing the game with my friends and we put some shops together on a planet that was kind of neglected and never thought anybody would build with us. I saw that people kept complaining on the forums that they couldn’t find shops in one place so I thought it would be neat if we put shops together so that people could find them easier.

I love love love that so many awesome people have decided to join us and also set up shops. It makes the game even more fun in my opinion to see people running around and enjoying themselves.

We already have lots of things to maintain and micromanage in the game, that people are already complaining about and that new players really don’t like. I don’t think it’s wise at this point to add another aspect that will affect everybody…noobs included. From all the ones I’ve talked to, they already have a problem understanding that the campfire and the beacon expire and they lose everything and rage quit…and tell their friends.

Curious, how much coin do you think I am earning from this?


The reward scale should more than compensate you for that, though.


Again depending on the blocks used and how much has to be replaced. Marble isn’t cheap nor are the other top deco blocks or even deco amethyst/emerald. I can only imagine having to replace 100 deco oortstone. Definitely not cheap and very time consuming to get the Oort to make it all and time consuming on the crafting end just to replace it over and over. Basically becomes a second job.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll toss it in here again. Footfall isn’t the problem from what I am seeing. The footfall co-ops are a symptom of certain aspects of the game feeling too time-consuming or underwhelming for certain players. Be it time to play or plain personal preference. So they are trying to get money to purchase their way past that portion. Luckily, we have people who spend large portions of time in game daily and spend that time making the things that allow the rest of us to purchase them. We just need more ways to make money in the game, or a re-evaluation of the daily play rewards (hint hint @james :wink:) to provide players with slightly more spending money.

Just my two cents.




I don’t even see how this could be implemented unless you had Boundless 2.0, because there are people that bought years worth of Gleam Club under the current system. If you changed it and then they came back after they already paid for Gleam Club and found their entire build gone you want to talk about some problems. For them it would be like the game decided to do a wipe.