Footfall Redux


Fully agree with your 2 cents! And the rest of your post as well except for the fact that at the end of the day if a mechanic gives any kind of edge, humans will always find a way to break it and push that edge. It’s one of the coolest things about sandbox games I think. That leaves it to the developers to address or ignore it. The chrysominter was a good start. However footfall lets you generate lazy money. Chrysominter requires you to actively play to generate money.

Because of that people are going to continue to stick with the easiest path because that’s what humans do. To do a hunt, you’re going to be required to go through a gimmicky hall/road/slide/whatever or be blocked off the hunt. Thankfully it’s easy to get around but you already see these things happening. I’ve just quit going on particular hunts as a result, and that’s my choice. I’m happy with my choice. There are plenty of fun hunts to tag a long with.

But that just goes back to the point that if things are not balanced, people will only partake in one area instead of an equal amount of areas. So yes more money generating solutions would surely help but at the end of the day if the current footfall dynamic isn’t addressed in some fashion, not much will really change.


And while we’re at it, make plots account wide…


So if someone creates a feature/place/hub/business, you think they should pay extra for that? Don’t they already pay tax, time, tools, & maintenance? They’ve already paid & if the “business” stays alive, it means that they are constantly making/buying/gathering things to maintain it. It doesn’t happen magically or for free. It’s definitely not passive.

Any system can be gamed. With this one, griefers could get their accomplices to stomp across someone’s road/build/store/hub as often as possible to get it to deteriorate. That would force a lot of people to opt out of the ff system (if that’s the only way to prevent it), and then everyone would end up back here complaining there isn’t enough coin/ff. Back to square one.


And you should get some kind of reward if your portal is used. Like footfall for the portal (which would make sense as portals do cost upkeep) or maybe automatically extend the portal duration for x minutes whenever it is used.


I’ve said that before too! It’s a great idea. I still don’t grasp why they are attached to a single character. A relic of an older system before alts and skill sheets?


I would challenge how much they are paying now to keep their income benefit especially for the established ones… But, I think this is subjective and not the thread to discuss.


This is a game & there is no income benefit given to players from a governing body, that has pooled the tax funds from all of it’s citizens.

Players in this game earn their prestige, footfall, coin, etc from putting effort & creativity into crafting, creating, building, making, etc. They are paying already with their time, materials, & effort to create everything = sandbox.

You can never penalize the top players enough, nor give enough freebies to the newest ones to achieve 100% equilibrium. You can try, but it will forever be in vain. Humans are the ultimate RNG factor.


Whoa what, guys can we focus on what needs to be added to the game instead of removing or harming what already exists?..

I would love to see more footfall, coin, or coin drops from enemies that are defeated.

(Please no deteriorating blocks :(( I spent so much time on my build and I would hate to see it disappear :frowning: Especially would hate to see all the amazing places that we have now disappear!)


There’s a major (HUGE) problem here with farming alts.

EDIT: by ‘here’ i mean with suggestions to merge plots/cubits, not ‘here’ in boundless


Yep, probably the most not-talked about coin exploit in the game.


I’ll be honest, the thought of putting back blocks that are dissapoofing from my build would probably drive me crazy. Its hard enough to build in the sky, then add in my OCD where everything has to be oriented correctly.


A shame really, as with footfall it’s far more time consuming than many things you can do in the game to be more profitable.

Realizing that depending on footfall is a trap changed the game for me. In a very positive way.

This option is available to you now. It’s just not as attractive to players who are deceived into thinking that a lot of players are sustaining high level gameplay on footfall.

I can confidently tell you that they are not. The few who could are already making more coin with their other activities, anyways.


Whether it is a game or not, it has aspects from the real world in earning income and doing various activities. Then it also has new things that you don’t find in the real world. So due to this we can come up with new things and take from things we see in the world today.

I don’t see things as a penalty - I see it as the results you get from participating in a certain model or mechanic. Cause = effect… I get you disagree and respect that. But, I disagree at this point that previous efforts = permanent reward and that current effort = enough to keep the reward the same in the current game mechanic and design. The right type of model needs to be proposed before I could get into the deeper conversation.


I agree - it is good to see the game actively evolving & receiving improvements from the devs.

Which is exactly the system we have now. Players that participate less, receive less “benefit”. Players that participate more, receive more “benefits”.

Some may prefer to avoid all MMO aspects & play solo…forgoing all perceived “benefits”. If they want to play that way, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Others that choose to participate & utilize as many of the game features as they can, may experience more perceived “benefits”. There’s nothing wrong with that.

If I play RS everyday & slay the hardest dragons, I will receive more drops & be able to afford better gear than some people. You shouldn’t nerf my gear/$ because someone else doesn’t play the same way I do & doesn’t receive as much.


Agree 100%

The way it needs to stay


i guess the real question then is at what point des utilizeing become exploiting when i see builds that’s only point is to collect has much footfall has possible i dont see it has any different then abusing a AI’s pathing to kill it easier or map glitching to avoid taking dmg


I don’t know what RS is but I’m not sure it is a good comparison to what that game sounds like. Overall I basically agree with you but one reason I have a bit stronger view and think that the benefits might not be set right in the current model is that the existing established base does not play on the same field as new players. Plus that established power block makes entry into parts of the game (like hubs) a harder thing to achieve.

I’m probably not explaining this like I want but that is the best I can come up with right now. See it as any player coming in to RS could work to achieve that higher gear and slaying those hardest dragons. But, Boundless does not work like that - not everyone can come in here and work and achieve the popular hub and all the footfall it generates. It is not a do this, then that and you will get this reward and result. Sure a person can start a hub but it will be very hard to beat out PS or ULT due to various reasons. So we have a different dynamic because work doesn’t always equal reward.

I don’t think removing FF or wear will solve that issue… I do think more pressure to force change in the game and create a more living and life cycle type game would be needed… all of this obviously is off topic.


Every system is exploitable. People will always find a way, regardless. I disagree with anyone that says slides, roads, hubs, footfall, etc are exploits, in this game. The devs put the ability/mechanics in the game. The players are adapting to it & using it. Some are having fun with it & helping others. There’s zero harm in that. The devs have been tweaking everything, when they see a need, or think something will work better.

The only way to avoid any of this would be to change the game to a local only download, where each person controls their own planet, and plays within the confines provided by the devs. That’s called creative mode Minecraft & already exists, so no thanks.


You cannot create a super-active hub/city/etc in BL right away, as you cannot in any other MMO. New players & experienced players will never be equal, and they shouldn’t. You have to start slowly & build your character. All MMOs work this way. Otherwise = creative mode = boring real fast.

In RS/OSRS it takes months/years to level up your character to be able to even go look at a dragon, much less kill them. Noobs start out using junky leather/bronze gear & don’t have access to the best mines, monsters, etc. Only people that have earned it & leveled up their characters can access higher gear, regions, mines, etc.

In Trove you can only access a couple of world portals when you first start, you have no dragon to ride, your gear is junk…you have to play the game, get your skills up, get better gear…


That’s why there are over 100k people playing RS everyday - there is a ton of content & so many things to do.
Same with the other games. You don’t want to LIMIT people & gameplay. Just add MORE :wink::sunglasses:


and hunters and miners and gatherers get loot to sell it for coin - they sure try to be as efficient at it as the game allows them, they come up with ideas like resource farms, meteorite hunting platforms etc. etc.

everyone tries to make coin somehow, so they can afford stuff
some more than others
some maybe don’t care about anything else but coin
but that’s an assumption
who are we to judge and say a certain build is made purely to make coin and without any other motivation (like having fun, helping others have fun, feeling satisfaction from creating something that is visited, getting xp, learning how to chisel, etc.)
and even if footfall coin is only motivation for any given build, is it really abuse of footfall system?