Footfall Redux


How about we let the devs focus on new content? :smiley:. I mean footfall has already been tweaked, people.

With the amount of builds available in the game and the current players numbers, it is not as easy (not for everyone at least) to live solely off and be rich from footfall only unless you own many plots in many hot spots. Plus, running a shop is probably a better way (imo) to become rich. As you mentioned, keeping the shop/land functional and the portals open is already a grind. Why add to it?

As Vetteq mentioned, tying the beacons to the account rather than characters may solve this.


yes please


That’s what it was! That was the exact reason given last time I remember this particular conversation. Thank you once again for jogging my memory :grin:


I wouldn’t expect it any other way… but I think my point was missed about how the work doesn’t equal the same result. You are talking about doing this = getting that. A player in boundless might do work and finally have a hub but it won’t be the established one that the small player base uses. So the FF result will be different. That is the key issue and difference here between my example and your example. It will take that older established hub to have to go away or some other major adjustment in how the service is provided, etc before that newer players hub become popular.


Is this all déjà vu? lol


I like foot fall the way it is now. I feel the dev’s did a good job the last pass over they did to this system (what like 3months ago now?). I don’t think this system needs any more iteration for at least another 6months to a year so the final results of the current system in place can be more accurately determined. (the last system had bugs in it that kept it from working properly, so that would be why I would say it was due to be replaced).


Some is, some is new! :sob:

as I told Night earlier this afternoon, I played contact sports for a long while as a kid and my memory gets warped from time to time these days so sometimes I forget conversations that have already been had and points made! Frustrating for myself and the other person.

I think there’s been some good points made all around and the fact people are realizing no one is trying to be combative has helped facilitate a healthy discussion, even if people don’t completely agree. I don’t think people are talking in circles either, though clearly I brought up and old point and Night jogged my memory on it!

It’s almost like the community took a healthy jog over the last week and came back quite refreshed and willing to hash things out in a civil manner!


the thing is tho i dont think we cant wait to long to redux it with how big of a factor ff is depending on the level of the change the long term damage would be done and all it would do is create a even bigger wedge between new and old players.


Hence = sandbox. It’s controlled somewhat by players & their actions.

I read everything you write, but may not comment on every point made (I like to try to keep my comments as short and sweet as possible). Nothing was missed :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a lot of great builds, a lot of hubs & fun things that might be utilized more by players - but right now, it seems like the ratio of player to planets to builds is all out of whack. I think if you magically dumped 500-1500 players in the game, everything would balance itself much better. People can only use so many hubs, planets, workshops, farms…when the playerbase is as small as it is. (not saying that’s bad, just a fact)

And no, there are no guarantees in the other MMOs that something you create or sell will be used, bought, or rec’d well by the other players.


Well if we get a huge influx of new players in say this holiday season the system we have is built with large numbers of players in mind i feel (assuming sales, farming, and a couple of other big interesting features are added by then, we could keep a lot of those people).

The current system scales well based on these current numbers we are seeing the “worst case” results from it. It will only get better with time, new players don’t care or even know what foot fall is until they have been playing for no less than dozens of hours. And the current system is rewarding enough, I am already bringing in about 30%+ more foot fall in all my beacons (even non store ones) then I ever did on the old system. It is enough, and buying and selling from other players is and should be the best way to make coin. The crysominter does a great job of giving you something for the resources no one wants (including yourself).

I think we just need new things to do and the economy will continue to improve (which in my opinion it already has).


I’d argue we could auto set people to opt out, and that would solve the Gleam Club issue.


My recommendation IS an expansion of a current system. More footfall money for everyone! as long as you’re willing to be a caretaker for your build.


Fair enough, the machine that does it for you is an elegant solution I think. As long as you keep it supplied with blocks. You can also always opt out.


If you build something you are the owner/caretaker of your build already.


Then great! Keep those blocks in good shape and make tons of money!


Yes I am I have multiple beacons, a few with large builds too, thank you
Keeps me quite busy, when I’m able to play the game
(Have to work)


Is the alternative to block decay maybe that the Footfall gain decays over time without some kind of activity to keep things fresh? This is a bit more esoteric but might be a good compromise for folks?


I don’t think things should decay. The devs have already tweaked footfall. Let’s focus on farming/fishing, ladders, etc.
Please :smiley:


I think you hit the nail kind of on the head - only certain plots get most FF and there can only be so many hot spots and primary shops especially with the existing player base. That is one key reason the system needs to be looked at - it is not a fair and equal distribution or game mechanic.


Keep in mind I’m suggesting a footfall increase overall, a significant one.